EDmarket partnership.

GEI is Pleased to Announce a Partnership with EDmarket

Helping to improve education and ease the purchasing decision together.

With the shared vision of improving education through the use of quality educational products, GEI and EDMarket have partnered up to help identify the best educational products available. GEI’s philosophy is grounded in partnership. As a product testing and endorsement company, we partner products with reviewers, manufacturers with feedback, and products with consumers. The goal of our rigorous product evaluation system is to bring teacher-tested feedback to manufacturers and help producers introduce high-quality products into the hands of educators.

We have a strong history in the field of education. Our three seasoned educators that founded the company in 2015 saw a need in the educational space. What came to this trio as an idea to improve the way of identifying and delivering quality products to the classroom became much more with the development of a robust site, a growing national database of teacher reviewers, and an impressive social media presence.

We firmly believe in the importance of bringing innovative educational products into the classroom and providing manufacturers with vital information – testimonials, feedback, data, and more – to help raise the profile of their exceptional product in a crowded marketplace. EDMarket is providing GEI a space to connect with manufacturers and businesses that develop these amazing products.

Our services

We offer two vital services that have helped strengthen brand awareness and product development from classroom games to teacher aids and technology to furniture: Pre-Market Product Testing and On-Market Testing and Endorsement. Whether it’s the pre-market testing of a prototyped product or the pursuit of GEI’s envied Seal of Endorsement, the qualitative and quantitative feedback, photography, and post-endorsement support manufacturers receive is invaluable.

GEI delivers products into real classrooms of dedicated and eager educators that make up our impressive reviewer database. The flexible six-week testing period of the endorsement program allows educators and students to interact with the product and assess it in the primary areas of durability, effectiveness, and value. After the evaluation period, the GEI Executive Team carefully weighs the collected data in order to make the best endorsement decision. If a product happens to not be endorsed, the feedback and professional photography a producer receives offers a great incentive to resubmit or to try endorsement with another product.

Why we do it

There’s no doubt that teachers spend a lot of their own dollars on tools and products to enhance their learning environment and educational experiences of their students. With the GEI Seal of Endorsement, educators can experience peace of mind, knowing they are spending those dollars on a proven product. Regardless of the hype and fanfare that surrounds a product, concept, or strategy during product development, it all boils down to the final question – Does it work? The GEI Seal of Endorsement provides the answer – Yes.

The partnership between EDmarket and GEI provides businesses with the chance to discover new ways to showcase their products. Because partnerships are so vital in the field of education, GEI is very excited to offer their services directly to EDmarket members. With so many products on the market today, GEI can help businesses shine the light on their own beloved products while providing quality feedback and supportive services for the future.

The team at GEI is very excited and looks forward to continued 2016 success!


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Products that feature the GEI Seal of Endorsement have been tested by real educators in real classrooms and have been vetted through a series of evaluative rubrics. Our goal is to elevate products and ideas that really work! View our latest endorsed products and learn more about our mission.

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