GEI's 2015 Year In Review

GEI’s 2015 Year in Review

A look back at our biggest and best moments of the year. Watch out, 2016!

It has been a year of growth for GEI. After years in the works, GEI launched in August 2015, followed by a series of company milestones. We are thankful to everyone who made it all possible. Below, we’ve outlined some of our major accomplishments from this year.


  • GEI launched on August 17, 2015.
  • We’ve seen major growth in our member database. Members reviewed 50 products in 250 school districts.
  • We donated more than $35,000 worth of products to schools nationwide.

Web and Social:

  • Site traffic grew 20% per month.
  • GEI’s editorial team published 120 blog posts, several of which received more than 3,000 reads.
  • We hit more than 12K followers on Twitter, and made 1.5 million impressions in one month.


  • In response to feedback from educators, we began evaluating educational apps.


  • We enjoyed meeting classroom-design innovators at the 2015 EDspace conference in New Orleans (GEI Article: GEI Travels).
  • Our editorial team interviewed several big names in education for the blog, including Mark Walters from Steelcase (GEI Article: Q&A with Mark Walters).

Wow, what a first quarter. If 2015 is any indication, 2016 is looking bright for GEI. Thank you to our hardworking team as well as our members, partners, and followers, for your continued support. Let’s make 2016 a great one.


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