Teachers! Call to action.

Teachers, Global Educator Institute Wants You!

GEI Reviewers are teachers like you - passionate and dedicated. Become a member of this team.

Global Educator Institute is a valuable source for trustworthy, classroom-tested, teacher-approved endorsement of the products students need to succeed. The purpose is very simple. GEI is dedicated to helping teachers and administrators choose the best-designed, most effective classroom products available.

Teachers have a lot on their plates—they guide young learners not only academically, but emotionally, socially and physically. They spend hours with their students each day and often wear the hat of counselor, parent, advisor, and friend. Isn’t it about time that teachers are asked, “What do YOU think?” GEI thinks so.

Teachers rely on classroom tools and materials to help kids learn. GEI pairs manufacturers with teachers and it is the voice of these teachers that determines the best products to help students succeed.

If you are interested in testing products in your own classroom, now is the time for you to get involved. GEI will help you save time looking for new products, lower the risk of spending money on ineffective products, and have a voice in contributing to materials that really work in the classroom.

“The GEI program is a FABULOUS opportunity for teachers to receive quality products to try in their classrooms. The program enables teachers to work with products and determine if this is an asset for classrooms across the country. In my experience, the product I reviewed came from an accredited company and was a true asset to my classroom during personalized learning time. The GEI requirements are reasonable and easy to complete, plus as a teacher your voice is heard.”

-Nicole Drobish, 4th Grade Teacher

So, who is GEI? You are! Teachers everywhere are evaluating products and sharing their feedback. No one is better equipped to decide what works in the classroom and what doesn’t. Get involved today.


Teachers, receive educational products – for free.

We want you to be a part of our team. Receive educational products for free. Use them. Evaluate them. And then donate them to your classroom or school. Signing up takes only a few minutes. When a product matches your profile, we will be in touch. Get involved today!

Products that feature the GEI Seal of Endorsement have been tested by real educators in real classrooms and have been vetted through a series of evaluative rubrics. Our goal is to elevate products and ideas that really work! View our latest endorsed products and learn more about our mission.

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