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EDSpaces 2016! Opening Doors to Redesigned Learning Environments

Make it all about the learning space at this conference designed to bring innovation and engagement to 21st century learning.

Regardless of the age of the student, a well-designed and soundly developed learning space is a key component to engaging participants in the learning process. Yes, learning can occur within a four-walled and windowless cinder-block room with poor lighting and wobbly seating (We’re not talking about the innovative and core engaging kind.). BUT- when that sterile and stoic environment undergoes a 21st century transformation, the results can awaken a renewed zeal for the pursuit of learning.

EdSpaces 2016 is all about engaging students via sound design concepts for classrooms, learning spaces, and functional furnishings. This annual conference allows educational stakeholders to check out the latest products and designs from a wide array of vendors. All of your design needs can be met with products and resources for transforming walls, floors, seating, workspaces, and more. the EDsessions topics available range from revamping outdated spaces to the future of school food. The bonus of touring five top-of-the-line EDfaciliites in the Cincinnati area is a great way to see all the EDSpace concepts in action. When you couple this glimpse of bringing the future into present classrooms with enough CEUs to fulfill a year’s requirements, this is a win-win for attendees and all the learning spaces they can impact.

When we invest the time and energy into redesigning spaces and rethinking outdated practices and arrangements, everyone benefits. At EDSpaces, conference participants get a chance to interact with fellow educators that are passionate about moving forward and meeting the needs of 21st century students by updating their learning zones. A walk on the exhibit floor is an opportunity to engage with product developers and experts about designing the best environments for all students. As you make the rounds, be sure to check in with Katy Bainbridge, the CEO at Global Educator Institute. Finding products with GEI’s coveted seal of endorsement is a great way to ensure that top-notch additions are being added to your learning spaces.

A trip to EDSpaces is an excellent way to bring innovative ideas back to any classroom. This conference has covered all the bases when it comes to designing state-of-the-art learning zones. If attending the conference isn’t in the cards this year, a website tour of the vendors, events, and product winners can offer some great insight when it comes time to transform any learning space.

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