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The Science of Snow

A collection of go-to resources for making the most out of the winter wonderland.

When it’s that snowy time of year, educators can find themselves wrangling student attention from the windows that offer enticing glimpses of the fluffy white ground covering. Rather than pulling student focus away from the snowy landscape, winter is a perfect time to indulge them with some scientific discovery involving the powdery substance. With this collection of ideas and resources for investigating snow, students will be ready to learn about all the wonders that comprise this winter favorite.

PRISM (Polar Radar for Ice Sheet Measurements)– This treasure trove of everything snow and ice is a perfect bookmark for learning about all things snow related. Resources and links are sorted by grade level and offer a wide variety of ways to tackle learning about this winter addition. Lessons are available for those living in climates with an absence of snowy opportunities too. The Polar Tracks section of the website is a great place for teachers to find lessons or create their own with all the resources available.

Snow Science– This collection of activities shared by the Teel Family has a wide variety of ideas for working with snow. The tips for persevering snowflakes for indoor study could be done with students or allow teachers to collect and bring them to class for sharing and study. The additional activities highlighted at the bottom of the page offer some excellent wintry discussion topics and experiments that could be done at home or at school. This is definitely a reader-friendly site that could be shared with parents to offer family activities to complete on a snow day.

Snow and Ice Science Projects– About Science shares a variety of snow activities to try with students. From experiments exploring which substances melt snow the best to creating snow gauges and discerning the differing levels between the snow and water once it melts, there are some great ideas for a range of grade levels.

Snowy Science– This Scholastic collection of four snowy experiments is perfect for elementary classrooms. Charting and graphing the results of ice melting materials and concocting tasty ice cream from snow are a couple of the experiments shared in this detailed resource. Additional links to ice balloons and the study of snowflakes make this a perfect go-to bookmark when the temperatures drop and a fluffy white blanket falls.

With this collection of go-to resources, teachers can help students engage in scientific study through the lens of this cold weather precipitation. Take advantage of this free and oftentimes overabundant natural resource. When life hands you snow, help students explore the scientific aspects of it!

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