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5 Simple Ways Music Can Enhance Core Teaching (part 1)

You might be surprised how some teachers use music for core curriculum.

As educators, we’re acutely aware of the influence music has on education. Whether students study individually or through participation in classes, band, or orchestra, research shows that music supports language development, spatial skills, increased test scores, discipline, teamwork, and a greater appreciation for the arts, among other things.

But did you know you can use music to teach core subjects to your students, too? As students’ learning styles require diverse teaching methods and strategies, music can bridge culture, communication, and contribute to their overall academic success.

Music is considered a universal language that unites people of all backgrounds. It’s also a fun and interactive way to reach your students, regardless of their learning styles. Here are three ways musical concepts can bring life to other core subjects:

  1. Consider using lyrics during reading workshops to teach theme, inference, and author’s message.
  2. Introduce poetry through music in language arts. In small groups give each team an envelope with lyrics written out and cut in strips. Students must put the “poem” in order. They will quickly discover the song and a “music is poetry” discussion will ensue.
  3. Liven up a history or writing lesson by encouraging students to write a documentary or biography on their favorite music artist of that era.
  4. Incorporate math skills to report a pop stars concert sales and revenue.
  5. Let music stimulate vocabulary for non-English speaking students to help them process language.

These are just a few of the ways weaving music into your curriculum boosts engagement, promotes creativity, and self-confidence. Have fun, and let us know how it goes!

Tomorrow: How country music is enhancing students in the heart of New York City.

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