Crystal Clear Goal Setting Workbooks Make Student Aspirations Achievable

Bringing a new level of clarity and preparedness to organization and goal setting for tweens and teens.

The setting of goals and the follow through on achieving them can be a challenging process for persons of any age. When those persons happen to be in the tween and early teen years, it can be especially challenging because they have not acquired the skills to prepare and organize for achieving long-term goals. Many times the issue with goal setting and follow through can come from a tunnel-vision focus that pushes all the other components of life to the wayside. Think of the all-in and gung-ho attitude that often accompanies New Year’s resolutions which rarely make it past the end of that first month, or even that first week.

By using the Crystal Clear Goal Setting Workbook, students are able to set those long-term goals and have a plan for working toward and following through with them. Not only do students choose school-based goals, but Crystal Clear takes the whole child into consideration by recognizing there is more to a well-balanced life than time spent in a classroom. The program’s three goal setting areas of focus are school, personal interests, and inspirational activities.

Students set long-term goals in each of these areas. They envision themselves and where they want to be in regards to the big three. Once a goals are set for school, a personal interest (e.g., sporting time/level, musical challenge, artistic achievement), and volunteer/inspirational efforts, the Crystal Clear method comes into play. Students move beyond simply selecting the goal or vision, and they begin planning for it by setting weekly short-term goals that are recorded in their engaging and easy-to-use spiral flipbooks.

Student goals and visions becomes black (or pink or green) and white rather than unattainable concepts jotted down and long forgotten. Students are learning the new skill of goal setting in a tangible way with weekly accountability sessions to keep them on track. These flipbooks make a great addition for all students who need some assistance in seeing the big picture and planning the steps it takes to develop it.

I would recommend this product to other teachers or the school counselor because I believe it is imperative to start students off young with goal setting at school and in their personal life. They can reach short-term weekly goals and long-term yearly goals. — Yolanda C., Texas, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

Crystal Clear is easy to use and can be completed in short 20-minute sessions each week. The skills the program teaches are lasting though. Along with the sense of accomplishment that accompanies achieving the short-term and long-term goals, students are also able to earn points for reaching their mini-milestones with points varying based on the level of difficulty. Students are also encouraged to recognize the importance of asking for help and bonus points can be earned by doing so.

As a GEI endorsed product that has been vetted in real classrooms by real students and teachers, Crystal Clear is a clear solution for building students’ understanding and abilities when it comes to setting and achieving goals. By focusing on this lifelong skill in the early years, students are able to build a strong foundation for finding success as they work toward their aspirations at any age. There is a lot of talk about investing in children’s futures; it only seems appropriate to make the $19.99 investment to help them acquire the skills to continually work toward achieving the best possible future they can envision.