Engaging Podcasts for Tuning Students into Learning: Math Edition

The addition of an auditory component gives students a new pathway into the realm of mathematics.

The study of mathematics is more than just numbers and pencil/paper solutions. When students are able to hear hosts excitedly discuss mathematical concepts and trivia, a new spark and entry point for engaging study comes to life. Podcasts allow teachers to get some subject-area experts and differing perspectives on mathematical study. This collection of podcasts offers students a new way to look at and think about the textbook teachings of math.

Breaking Math Podcast– With a goal of making math accessible for every student, this podcast is worth a listen. The bi-weekly episodes are a bit lengthy, but they do a great job of taking big concepts and turning them into conversational topics. From formulas and theorems to AI and prison riots (Yep, you read that right.), there are lots of opportunities to appeal to a wide range of learners and illustrate the power of the mathematical mind.

Math Mutation– With over 200 episodes, this podcast spans over a decade and offers a wide array of mathematical topics. The podcast blog contains the transcripts of these short and quirky shows for any listeners that want a hard copy of the information shared. With topics that delve into the numbers behind music and science fiction unraveling the conspiracies behind probability, taking a listen to something that holds a personal interest will be a breeze.

Relatively Prime– These Stories from the Mathematical Domain feature stories and interviews from the mathematical world that are perfect for piquing student interest. The episodes cover a wide range of concepts and ideas while interviewing and discovering a love for mathematics alongside some unlikely guests, like indie rockers, and unlikely topics, like mathematics haiku battles. A fun addition to a topic of study as an intro, extension, or personal interest landing spot.

My Favorite Theorem– This podcast is all about hearing about a love of math from experts in the field. The hosts interview a mathematical professor each episode and find out the reasoning behind the guest’s favorite theorem. While this one really takes an in-depth look at mathematics, the ability to refer to the transcripts can help listeners gain a deeper understanding of all the big ideas shared.

The Math Dude Quick and Dirty Tips to Make Math Easier– While no new podcasts have been created in a while, the archives on this one offer some quick lessons for learning or reinforcing concepts. These short episodes give listeners insight on absolute value, the math behind rockets, calculating percentages, mixed fractions, and more. This is a perfect choice for teachers looking to integrate a podcast into a small window of time.

More or Less: Behind the Stats– Statistics are everywhere. The media is constantly putting numbers out there that often raise a lot of upset and contention. This long-running podcast offers 300+ episodes that delve into and work to make sense of and/or debunk a lot of the statistics that are running rampant in the media and the world at large. With experts weighing in and math at work, Tim Harford explores a wide-range of statistical topics in episodes of varying lengths.

Podcasts are an engaging way to share information, create discussion, and develop interest in a variety of subjects. In our Math Edition of Engaging Podcasts for Tuning Students into Learning, we share a collection of podcasts that can help teachers hit the refresh button on a tired repertoire of math resources. In the classroom, at home, or on the go, podcasts offer an easily accessible and entertaining way to enhance learning.