Everything Olympics for the Classroom

With the 2018 Winter Olympics in full swing, teachers will want explore these resources.

The Winter Olympics in South Korea began on February 8th. Bringing some of the PyeongChang 2018 fervor to the classroom is a great way to engage students and offer them a variety of learning opportunities centered around all things Olympics. Whether it’s learning about the games, the history, the location, or the Olympians themselves, there is something for students of all ages within the study of this time-honored sporting tradition. These 5 resources can be teachers’ go-to bookmarks for this Olympic season.

The Olympic Museum– This is an excellent source of information that comes directly from the Olympic organization. The teaching resources provided can be filtered by age, topic, and/or relevant educational field. There are a variety of offerings that will appeal to a wide-range of learners. Students can earn a sustainability diploma in an engaging game that has them making the best choices to create a future stadium that will stand up to the three pillars of sustainable development. Time and motion analysis can be studied via various math activities. There is no short supply of applicable videos, engaging photo lessons, and informational resources at this must-see site.

15 Tech Tidbits– There are a lot (15 to be exact) of great links and ideas in this article from the School Library Journal. Students can view the physics behind skating or learn about the impact religious beliefs have on the games and the Olympians. Whether there is a specific athlete of interest or the games as a whole, following a # or two can offer a lot of insight and some behind-the-scenes looks at what’s occurring in South Korea. This SLJ piece puts some fresh tech eyes on where to click this February.– What could be more current event oriented than the actual Olympic webpage? The informational text alone is enough to fill a yearlong study of the Olympics. With loads of information about past games and updates on the latest news during the current ones, this bookmark can be the go-to link for continual coverage. Students can study and follow a specific sport, athlete, or other trending Olympic topic. There’s lots of information about the future locations of the games as well to keep enthusiasts well versed in anything and everything Olympic.

ReadWriteThink Resources– The resources from ReadWriteThink offer teachers a variety of ways to incorporate the study of the Olympics in the classroom. The activity ideas shared include reporting on key events throughout the course of the games, creating poetry centered around the ceremonies, devising original Olympic events, and delving into the role peace plays in the games. There’s a lot of information out there about the history and events surrounding the Olympics, and this gathering of resources gives teachers some engaging ways to share and explore it with students.

Education World Collection– Lessons galore are the focus of this collection from Education World. There’s something to be found for any classroom on the K-12 spectrum. Whether the focus is history, famous Olympians, character, trivia, or locations, there are a host of ideas to be explored. There are links to aid students in studying the weather, creating charts and diagrams for tracking performance and results, honing in on their math skills, or participating in their own Olympic games.

Teachers can tap into the excitement that accompanies this Olympic season by integrating a variety of ideas and resources surrounding the games. With its rich history and up-to-date media coverage, the study of the games is more than just a high-profile current event; there is lots to be learned that can connect to any subject. Adding this gold medal collection to your bookmarks will make Olympic study a breeze.