Teaching Coding Skills Without Devices- No Problem!

Traveling the road to code is a lot easier when students can pave the way with the unplugged //CODE Programming Game Series from ThinkFun.

Looking for engaging educational activities sans screens? Looking for an affordable way to strengthen students’ 21st Century Skills? Looking for an educational product with a teacher-vetted seal of endorsement? Look no further than //CODE. The three games within the //CODE Programming Series allow players to learn programming and coding skills while engaging in unplugged gameplay. The games are a perfect addition to any activity repertoire at home or at school. With their affordable availability at Target, it’s easier than ever to provide students with relevant and engaging resources for learning code.

Preparing students for the future looks a lot different these days. Where educators used to be focused on filling students with information, they are now switching to pedagogical methods that focus on deeper thinking and the problem-solving needed when students encounter new information on their own. A big part of this shift in how to get students thinking beyond the walls of the classroom revolves around the proponents of technology, but sometimes it can be hard to constantly incorporate a powered-up activity due to budget and/or resource accessibility. The //CODE Programming Game Series strengthens the skills and thought processes needed in the coding world within an unplugged world.

Three games are currently available in the series. Players can try their hand at ensuring the success of a space mission in Rover Control. With On the Brink, a robot is in need of some programming guidance to make it along the correct path. Robot Repair is the third game in the series and explores the most advanced concepts. All three games are single player for ages 8 and up, but students could easily work together in solving the challenges.

“My 5th grade students loved working together to problem solve through each level. They helped each other, grew from mistakes, and challenged themselves. The idea of real world application made them eager to work through the games.” -Tracy J., North Carolina, GEI Reviewer & Teacher

At only $14.99 each, the games are affordable resources with lots of potential for student growth as the various challenges are mastered. Each game includes 40 challenges for a player to complete that get progressively more difficult. That’s 40 exercises in problem-solving through programming. Students can dive in at level one and then move through challenges in order or jump ahead to find a more complex challenge to build their coding skills.

Lots of possibilities for usage come in these neatly boxed activities. //CODE could be a station during center time, an indoor game option, a competition with multiple sets, a perfect educational activity to recommend to parents, and so much more. Through the GEI endorsement process, this ThinkFun series was vetted in real classrooms by real teachers who know the importance of finding resources with high-interest and longevity potential. With no digital/device component needed, these games fill a programming skill need with no headache incurring tech glitches.

“This product is differentiated so that all students will successfully participate and grow their logical thinking.” – Jeannette A., Florida, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

For teachers looking to find resources that will aid students in their 21st century journey, the //CODE Programming Game Series will easily and affordably fill this need. Students don’t have to power up a device; they only need to power on their minds to complete the 120 coding challenges presented in the series. This new release from Thinkfun is a sound investment for teachers, parents, and districts with resoundingly positive feedback from students.

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