10 Affordable Finds for Building Learning

Whether sending home a suggestion list or adding to the classroom collection, these educational games and activities will be a win with kids of all ages.

Toys and gadgets filled student’s wishlists just weeks ago. Some parents, hopefully many, scrambled to find a balance between educational and engaging. Teachers are always tasked with providing a variety of resources to engage students in the learning process.

One great way to hit the trifecta of learning, engaging, and fun is through games and resource kits designed with education in mind. While hundreds of dollars can be spent on many of these activities, there are also some affordable finds that are equally engaging. Any of these 10 are sure to be a hit with kids at home or in the classroom, and they won’t be a hard hit on the budget at less than $25 each.

  1. IQ Builder– This STEM learning toy offers 165 pieces that allow kids to design via step-by-step guide or their own imaginations. The set includes balls, wheels, connectors, and cover plates, and all pieces can be easily stored in the included container.
  2. LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Sets– Make those dollars and ideas stretch with LEGO’s affordable 3 in I sets. Each set can be transformed into 3 different figures, just keep track of those pieces! Kits under $25 include Mighty Dinosaurs, Mythical Creatures, Robo Explorer, and more.
  3. //CODE Programming Game Series– This GEI endorsed product gets kids in a coding mindset through engaging gameplay. Rover Control, Robot Repair, and On the Brink will offer hours of learning fun with no device required!
  4. Crayola Color Chemistry Set– Add some STEAM to STEM learning with this Crayola kit. There are 50 science experiments to discover with 16 out-of-the-box options and 34 additional activities shared.
  5. Elenco Kits– A variety of hands-on learning opportunities can be found with the Elenco line of products. From LED Fun to a Radio Mini Kit, there are lots of ways to explore circuits and structures.
  6. Rube Goldberg Kits– Let kids explore the fun of chain reactions with these affordable STEM activities. Larger kits like The Robot Factory Challenge let kids set up an intricate chain reaction while smaller endeavors like The Trick Shot Challenge or The Speeding Car Challenge are equally engaging.
  7. 4M KitsTable Top Robot is one of the many introductory robotics kit offered by 4M. These affordable hands-on learning activities explore STEM/STEAM concepts with a wide range of kits including Kitchen Science, Crystal Growing, Volcano Making Kits, and more!
  8. uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game– This GEI endorsed product is an award-winning scavenger hunt for early and/or reluctant readers. The engagement of the game gets them reading without realizing it. There’s even an uKloo app to get kids reading on the go!
  9. Brick Mates– These STEM Certified 3D puzzles get kids thinking and building. With a variety of templates in each set, kids will enjoy the challenges presented in sets that include Cupcake, Puppy, and Rocket Ship
  10. Handheld Oregon Trail Game– Sometimes a classic is served well by a reboot. This handheld game puts kids’ decision-making skills to the test as they traverse the Oregon Trail. All the bells and whistles (or lack thereof) of the classic 80s computer simulation.

Tools for learning don’t have to break the bank. When affordable and engaging come together with an educational twist, kids, parents, and teachers all win. These 10 games and activities are sure to offer something for every kid or classroom on your list!