6 Apps to Help Educators Refresh this Holiday Break

An app collection that allows teachers to take a moment and catch their breath amidst the frenzy of day-to-day life.

Educators spend countless hours ensuring that the needs of their students are met. This tireless task often overtakes their time inside and outside of the classroom. Once all the other demands of daily life get factored into the mere twenty-four hours in a day equation, teachers can be hard pressed to find a moment to spare for themselves. As the holidays draws near, educators, we know, are in need now more than ever for a little break. It may have been quite a while since a trip to the app store for something other than a teaching tool has been an option, so we’ve gathered some affordable downloads to help teachers hit the refresh button and experience a renewed sense of self.


Pause: Relaxation at your fingertip — Carving out the time to reset can seem impossible in a teacher’s busy schedule. With Pause, the ability to center thoughts and regain focus is literally at the user’s fingertips. Simplicity is the key in bringing this digital component to the ancient practice of meditation. Through slow and continuous movement of a fingertip across the screen, a calming and refreshed sense of self can emerge. The app may only be $1.99, but having a tool to relive stress and regain focus at your fingertips is priceless.

Diffuse My Day- Essential oil recipes for diffusing — One of the biggest buzzes in the homeopathic industry is essential oils. These oils can be used for a variety of purposes from physical wellness to spiritual well-being. Many just enjoy the ability to utilize these natural products in place of harsh chemicals or toxic air fresheners within the home. This app allows users to find the perfect essential oil combination to diffuse the day and work toward a desired mental state. Recipe collections include combinations for bringing forth happiness, focus, wellness, calm, and sleep. There is also a category that shares seasonal scents to evoke the holiday spirit throughout the year. For $1.99, this download allows essential oil users to bring some calm or focus without wasting time searching online for the perfect recipe.

The Picture of Health

Recipes with photos & ingredients free — While teachers work to feed the minds of students, they often lose sight of options for feeding themselves and their families. When quick recipe ideas are lacking, a drive-thru or a sodium-rich frozen entrée often become the go-to choices. With this free recipe app, ideas for a healthy or indulgent meal are just a click away. Users can choose a category and take a look at what could be for dinner tonight. Each recipe has an accompanying picture which takes the guesswork of how all those ingredients will come together. Make selections based on what’s already in the pantry or choose several recipes and put together a shopping list to put healthy options on the dinner table all week.

7 Minute Workout: Free Daily Fitness Routines — With the inability to find enough hours in the day, finding a seven minute workout is golden! Having that option on a device that allows the workout to happen anywhere is an even bigger boon. With these seven minute routines, beginners can ease themselves into a non-threatening fitness program, active users can add some variety to their routines, and those that have fallen off of the bandwagon can find a quick way to hop back on the fitness train. Exercises are described via video and text. Voice prompting allows users to complete the routine without constantly looking at their devices. If these seven minute options become integrated into a morning, afternoon, and/or evening routine, the app offers several in-app purchasing choices to allow for a more customizable workout experience.

That’s Entertainment

Storyline: Chat Stories — Finding the time to read anything for pleasure can be difficult when so much time is spent reading through teaching resources and curricular materials. Finding a short and engaging format for escaping into a fictionalized world could be just the perfect fit. Storyline offers users a chance to read a story or two or ten via a simplistic text message format. In this lit gone digital app, readers are able to select from a variety of genres and dive right into a brief fictional tale. Whether it’s horror, drama, action, romance, or any other host of interests, Storyline has readers covered. While the next Hemingway probably isn’t hiding among the ranks of authors, the app does offer a brief respite from the daily grind.

BBC Earth Colouring — Coloring books for adults have become all the rage as a way to reconnect with youth and enjoy a relaxing pastime. This new app was launched to coincide with the release of PLANET EARTH II and offers three collections of iconic shots from the production. The app can be downloaded for free, and one picture from each collection is available to color using either free-form or block coloring tools. If users find this to be an enjoyable activity and collection, the remaining images in the collections can be unlocked for $1.99 per collection. A great opportunity to see whether coloring is the right fit as a form of entertainment and relaxation.

Finding ways to refresh and reboot as a teacher can be difficult. Turning to devices to determine ways to do so can be convenient and affordable. With these 6 apps for carving out ways to add themselves to their busy to-do lists, teachers can find a renewed sense of self.