A Glimpse at What Makes Teachers So Amazing!

From the mouths of babes to the memories of baby boomers, taking a look at some of the innumerable reasons teachers are so loved.

We’ve heard from teachers about what creates their love for teaching. Turning the question to students offers another perspective on these amazing professionals. Whether teachers are making students think about learning, the future, or hidden talents, the time they spend with students has a memorable impact, and we’ve gathered some of those standout memories to prove it.

“During my junior year of high school, Mr. Cowan noticed my talent for anatomy and pushed me to think about a career in medicine.” Kate (RN, 35)

“When I was in 6th grade, Mrs. Mack was always very helpful and went the extra mile to make sure I understood everything. I felt like a genius in math when I left her class.” Ken (retired sales director, 75)

“I like Miss Becky. She helps me color and paint.” Cohen (preschooler, 3)

“Even though Spanish was not my favorite subject, Señora Seils was my favorite teacher because of her kindness and the fun she had with our class.” Matt (Self-employed, 47)

“In 6th grade, Mrs. Smythe taught me how to believe in myself and that I could be anything I wanted to be.” Rita (retired banker/homemaker, 75)

“Dr. Braverman from my fellowship was an amazing teacher. To this day, I still try to mirror the dedication he has to his patients.” Alex (cardiologist, 36)

“Mrs. Wagner made my day fun and always had fun activities to do. Whenever I came in, she always greeted me with a nice smile and a warm welcome.” Christian (8th grader, 14)

“Professor Gains encouraged me to go to graduate school. Before he sparked the idea in me, I had never even considered applying. I ended up receiving a scholarship and enjoying continuing my education.” Cindi (real estate, 47)

“Teachers are awesome! That’s why I married one.” Cesar (district manager, 43)

“Even though I never felt artistic, Mrs. Stewart helped me uncover some hidden talent.” Zac (9th grade, 15)

“Mrs. Cantrell was my 11th grade English teacher and had a reputation for being the hardest and strictest in the school. She lived up to that reputation, but I learned more from her than from any of my English professors in college.” Gloria (retired administrative assistant/homemaker, 74)

“In 7th grade, Ms. P joked around with me about not enjoying learning (which I actually did). At the end of the year, she wrote a really nice comment in my yearbook, and it made me feel special to have a running joke with her.” Roxanne (10th grade, 15)

“In preschool, Mrs. Seitz taught me how to skip. I was one of the last kids to catch on, but she never gave up on me.” Erin (sales rep, 32)

“Ms. Renda makes my day because she is always funny and fits in with students, but she is also able to challenge us with the activities she provides.” Caleb (9th grader, 15)

“In high school, Mr. Williams was instrumental in getting me into college.” Jim (retired executive, 75)

“In 3rd grade, Ms. McDaniel had us sit in table groups and gave out table tickets for good behavior. Winning tables got prizes at the end of each quarter.” Aurora (10th grade, 15)

Whether helping students to believe in themselves or adding a little spring to their step, it’s apparent that teachers make lasting impressions. By taking a personal interest and setting high expectations, memories are made. We’re so thankful for all the fond memories over the years and are truly in awe of the everyday inspiration that teachers provide.