Battling Spring Fever with a Variety of Springtime Resources

A collection of books, activities, and outdoor endeavors for embracing all things spring!

As spring arrives, the renewal and growth associated with the season can also translate to planting some fresh ideas and resources in teachers’ tool kits. Students (and teachers) can find themselves drawn to all things outdoors and nature. While there are lots of ways to explore learning beyond the walls of the classroom, there are also lots of ways to add some spring zeal to what’s happening inside the classroom as well.


  • Spring Collection starring Mighty Girls– This collection from Mighty Girl includes titles for the earliest readers up to preteens. A great mix of classics, award winners, and fun reads to appeal to a variety of interests and levels.
  • Non-fiction Gardening Books for Kids– These educational reads offer lots of learning opportunities and discussion about all things gardening. Whether students are doing research for a class project or simply indulging an interest, this is a go-to selection of titles.
  • Earth Day Titles for Teens– The HUB is an excellent source for teen reading selections. This Earth Day collection has both fiction and non-fiction titles and offers lots of high-interest reads pertaining to the environment and conservation.
  • Earth Day Titles for Younger Readers– This top 10 collection from Family Education offers younger readers lots of learning material about Earth, recycling, planting, and more. These would be perfect for whole class reads or as free choice materials.

Classroom Activities

  • Spring Crafts– The All Kids Network has gathered an impressive collection of crafts for ushering in spring. From flowering math and button trees to water rainbows, students will be learning, creating, and enjoying spring.
  • Garden Lesson Plans with Correlating Reads– This collection from Growing Minds is a must bookmark for activities covering the entire school year. The spring highlights include a worm investigation, nurturing seeds, and the study of bees.
  • Earth Day Science for Middle School– An abundance of resources are available from Legends of Learning to engage students in Earth Day related learning. Activities include research funding quests, virtual reality explorations, product development, and more.
  • Earth Day K-12 Collection– The folks at We Are Teachers have put together an engaging collection with a focus on being green. The variety of resources shared will have students completing energy audits, taking part in predator-prey simulations, playing interactive ecology games, and more.

Outdoor Endeavors

  • Outdoor Classroom Day– This initiative offers an endless supply of resources for getting students outside of the classroom and thinking about all things nature and outdoors. Resources can be filtered by grade level and subject with students focusing on sounds, habitats, soil, and just about anything one can think of pertaining to nature. A great resource for every day, and a day of celebration to mark on the calendar for May 17th!
  • Environmental Games– A litter race is a great way to clean up the environment with a little friendly competition tossed into the mix. Sending students on a scavenger hunt and playing a game of tag that explores ecosystems are also highlights of this collection.
  • Taking Learning Outside– Outdoor activities can be an engaging way to offer students time in the fresh air while they are still focused on mastering standards and reinforcing skills and concepts from the classroom. These 30 ideas from We Are Teachers allow students to explore the wonders of spring by allowing nature to become their classroom.
  • Project Learning Tree– Outdoors and the environment are the key focus of this educational initiative. There are sample lesson plans available for those looking to delve into more outdoor pursuits with a wide collection of e-books and courses that can be purchased for those looking to pursue outdoor lessons further.

When spring fever hits, teachers can be prepared with some engaging learning opportunities that embrace it. This collection of resources offers teachers a variety of ways to usher in spring and explore the many educational aspects of the season. Gardening, Earth Day, Outdoor Classroom Day, and more can be the lenses through which a variety of standards and skills are mastered.