Revealing the Hidden Superpowers of Super Teachers

Harnessing their superpowers and using them for the good of all students is one of the greatest qualities a teacher possesses.

It’s a bird; it’s a plane. No, it’s not Superman; it’s a teacher. There are only a handful of careers where the cape and the superpowers stay hidden from sight but still prevail, and teaching is certainly one of them. Teacher are the tireless problem-solvers, multi-taskers, and interest builders that make an impact on students, parents, communities, etc. every single day. While these superpowers may not involve leaping tall buildings in a single bound, they do involve some pretty amazing feats that are deserving of being acknowledged and appreciated. Here is a glimpse at a few of these superpowers that reveal just how amazing teachers are.

The physical leaping of those tall buildings in a single bound may not happen, but teachers scaffold lessons and activities that allow their students to make giant leaps in their academic pursuits. Fostering students’ abilities to believe in themselves and reach new heights is truly an enviable gift.

That x-ray vision that’s so popular on the superhero circuit transfers to teachers with their ability to see through excuses and avoidance to get to the root of the problems or issues their students may be experiencing, both cognitively and emotionally.

Have you ever watched a teacher pack up for the weekend or even a long night of planning/grading/creating? The super strength possessed to cart all of those materials to and fro to ensure they are prepared each and every day is both mind-boggling and muscle-building!

Teachers are the ultimate shape shifters. They go from administering first aid, to refereeing a disagreement, to overseeing a maker project, to performing a historical reenactment, to constructing challenging activities, to troubleshooting technical issues, to designing an engaging learning space, etc. The picture is pretty clear on this one.

While teachers may not be able to predict the future in relation to the winning lottery number, they do possess the precognitive ability to make quite accurate predictions regarding upcoming obstacles that students may face. This futuristic foretelling lets them prepare students with the necessary frontloading, strategies, and resilience to get through any stumbling blocks they may encounter.

The countless locales where teachers are found can lead one to believe they possess the ability to teleport. One minute they’re at bus duty, followed by a sighting in the workroom, and then they seemingly spring into the classroom, only to then be spotted mediating a conflict in the hallway, and then making an appearance on the sporting fields to coach or cheer on a school team. If these teachers aren’t teleporting, they are certainly reaching those step goals on a daily basis!

The power of invisibility is one that teachers put to multiple uses. Just when it seems the coast is clear to create a little mischief, isn’t it simply amazing how a teacher suddenly appears? Even when they can’t be seen, they are watching and all-knowing. This invisibility is at its most powerful concentration when students begin to doubt themselves or feel overwhelmed with a task. That’s when students should know that one of their biggest cheerleaders is invisibly standing by their side and silently encouraging them and reminding them to believe in themselves.

Some of the most important superheroes of our lifetime are right in front of us day in and day out; they are teachers. These super teachers harness their powers and turn the classroom into a place where students can learn and thrive. The next time you enter a classroom, be sure to try and catch a glimpse as to where that cape is stored!