New Year's Resolutions

You Are Not A Hostage To Your New Year’s Resolution

Revisit Your New Year's Resolutions and Try to Make Them Stick

David brings 15 years experience to his thoughts on education, fitness, and wellness. He has found a role as a blogger, speaker, exercise and wellness specialist, and a contributor to numerous publications (Invoke Fitness and Wellness) regarding the need of physical health in our communities.

With the New Year comes the tradition of setting resolutions to start the year out fresh and with great intentions. Guess what? For most individuals, resolutions disappear almost as quickly as they were created. Most of you within the first 15 days will either forget about them, stop trying because you “slipped up,” or set unrealistic goals resulting in a failed resolution. You are NOT a hostage to your New Year’s Resolution.

The concept of going to the gym daily, eating healthier, or spending less time on electronics starts losing its appeal within a week of starting the new “habit.” So, we ask how do you make these resolutions stick so that you can see progress when the countdown comes again for 2018? Try some of these tips to help maintain your 2017 resolutions.

Make Realistic Resolutions

A resolution is just a “goal” with a fancy name. You need to remember that a goal can be modified to fit your individual needs. If you are trying to go to the gym daily, make it something you are actually able to maintain. For example, set a goal of going to a gym 3 times a week and then stay active the other days by just MOVING. As a teacher, avoid sitting too much; if you have 45-60 minute blocks, be sure to get up and walk the students out and grab a drink at the fountain. No one ever said that you cannot modify your resolution. If you allow yourself to adjust your resolutions, you are now setting yourself up to achieve your goal instead of making it impossible from the start.

Write Your Resolution Down

If you see your resolution of eating healthier on a Post-It note on your refrigerator, it is much harder to ignore than if the goal is in your head alone. Write your goal(s) down and put it somewhere where you should see it every day. Post a picture of your goal(s) on social media and challenge yourself to update your family and friends on your progress. This will also provide you with a great social support system from your family and friends.

The 3 “R”s: Revise, Revise, Revise

We know we stated this previously; however, it is very important to remember that goals can be modified or even changed. Reflect on your resolution regularly to see if you have achieved your goal, need to make your next goal more challenging, or still have more work to do to reach your ultimate peak.

Now, what are your resolutions for this year? Post them here or on our Facebook Page. We want to help you as individuals, and as a group. We will cheer you on!

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