Learning Environment

The Top Furniture for Effective Instruction

Classroom furnishings that enhance the learning environment for students and teachers.

Teachers spend a lot of time planning what goes into the lessons they share with students. Teachers also spend a lot of time planning the aesthetics of the learning environment. From the color-coding of bins for different classes or subjects to the inspirational quotes and images that adorn the walls, this attention to detail is often a big part of creating a warm and inviting classroom for students. While all of these nuances can offer lots of visual appeal, it’s often the fun and functionality of the furnishings that can play the biggest role in keeping students engaged. Check out these 4 newer options in furniture for effective instruction.

Nexus Easel + — This innovative new design from Ghent takes collaboration to a whole new level. The Easel + has space to display up to 4 hanging tablets. Students can take one of the removable whiteboard tablets and use it to record the information and discoveries they encounter working in groups. When the class comes together, up to 4 tablets can be displayed at a time to discuss findings and allow the group to see the whole picture at once. Teachers no longer have to be concerned about where to display collaborative work for discussion. The Nexus Easel + is a mobile unit that can allow the discussion to occur anywhere. This GEI Endorsed product will have students eager to show and demonstrate what they know!

Deluxe Leveled Reading Book Browser Cart — Books are the amazing and educational windows into all facets of learning. When a teacher’s classroom is overflowing with books, it is an environment rich in learning. As these books overflow, organizing them can start to get a bit tricky. The deluxe reading cart from Copernicus gives teachers multiple ways to organize and display books with this great mobile library. The mobility feature allows any area of the classroom to function as a library and/or the opportunity to take reading anywhere in the building or share collections with other classrooms. The bins can organize books by level or topic, and the three sides of display shelves are great for showcasing top picks.

STEM Learning Station — Another great find from Copernicus, the STEM Learning Station adds functionality and mobility to hands-on learning. The station offers three sizes of storage bins to organize both large and small materials. A pegboard and hooks allow an easy-access area for go-to supplies, and the tape/ribbon/string dispenser keeps all those easily-tangled items organized. With a large storage rack stored on the backside and a customizable overhead sign, students will be ready to dive into projects with this user-friendly center. Take this mobile station anywhere, and if an outlet is in reach, the attached power strip can accommodate the use of up to 6 devices. The perfect mobile center for any hands-on learning activities.

StorSystem Storage Solutions — Nothing can be more frustrating than having the proper tools and supplies but not having a proper place to manage and store them. When resources end up in a jumbled mess and key components can’t be found, there is a disruption to the overall flow of the learning process. The Mobile Series from StorSystem Storage Solutions allows teachers to organize materials, so they are readily available. The mobile aspect of the system makes it easy to bring the supplies to the learning space, wherever that may be. The sturdy, colored bins make organizing a breeze, and students can easily access materials or grab entire bins as needed. A great product with our GEI Seal of Endorsement.

Let functional furnishings and accessories add an extra edge to the learning environment. These accessible and organized centers and supply areas offer students and teachers a fresh perspective on classroom spaces. The ability to display supplies and information in a way that enhances learning makes these 4 products the perfect addition to any classroom.

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