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Why Yoga Is Stretching Into Public Schools

Getting the student body (and brain) to relax is as easy as a Reverse Warrior.

Controlled movements can generate higher-level thinking

Modern yoga is a simply a discipline that connects the body and mind through a series of orchestrated poses and exercises. Yoga’s claimed physical and mental health benefits include increased strength and flexibility, weight loss and management, better breathing, improved concentration, learning, balance, and most importantly – stress reduction. And best of all for classroom teachers – it’s free!

Make it a classroom craze!

To say it’s become all the rage in the U.S. today is an understatement. According to a recent study by Yoga in America, there are 20.4 million people practicing yoga, up from 15.8 million in 2008. At last count, yoga enthusiasts are shelling out over $27 billion in classes, gear, and related yoga products and services. It is no surprise how it has stretched its way into the school system.

Yoga 4 Classrooms is an organization that’s transforming classroom environments into exceptional, productive learning spaces by lending a hand to the health and wellness of students. Since yoga integrates physical movement with breathing exercises and the practice of mental focus, it can be an ideal form of exercise, enhancing children’s mental functioning and working more stress free.

Reach Out

Find a local instructor, or parent, willing to come in and work with students. Your local YWCA or YMCA is also a good place to find a licensed instructor who may donate time to you and your classroom. Other sites like,, and offer programs to schools looking to put some Zen back into their students’ lives.


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