10 Apps that Integrate with G Suite for Education

Expanding the Google Suite by adding the compatibility of more apps allows students to expand their opportunities for learning.

Millions of classrooms housing millions of Chromebooks make for millions of reasons to embrace everything Google. G Suite for Education has become a go-to resource in educational institutions across the globe. The Suite itself offers teachers and students the ability to streamline and manage a multitude of educational components through Classroom, Hangouts, Docs, Slides, and more. Our Google Suites at a Glance Series scratches the surface of the capabilities of these core applications. A wide array of developers are embracing the widespread usage of G Suite and integrating their apps and websites with the educational supergiant. These are 10 apps that integrate with Google Classroom and make great resources for enhancing learning.

  1. Tynker: Coding for Kids– The coding lessons found on Tynker can be assigned to a Google Classroom stream to give students easy access. When assignments are turned in on Tynker, teachers receive a summary in Classroom.
  2. Newsela– Sharing great articles with students is a breeze with the integration of Newsela and Google Classroom. When teachers find an article they want students to read, two clicks gets them to the Google Classroom icon and gets the article on the way to quickly being assigned for students to enjoy.
  3. Quizlet– The interactive study materials, learning activities, and games featured in Quizlet can easily be integrated with Google Classroom. Linking the accounts will send students email invitations to sign up or sign in to Quizlet.
  4. PBS Learning Media– PBS has an abundance of educational resources, and with PBS Learning Media, teachers can easily share these gems with student via Google Classroom. When teachers find a resource to share, they can quickly locate the share dropdown, select Classroom, and get the resource to students.
  5. Edpuzzle– As teachers select, modify, and or create videos with Edpuzzle, they can easily share them with students via Classroom. This video platform is a perfect tool for the blended classroom, or for any time a teacher is looking to share video content with students.
  6. BrainPOP– All the great resources found in BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and BrainPOP ELL are now easily integrated with Classroom. Students can quickly access the variety of support materials through their Google launcher menu.
  7. Google Arts & Culture– While using the Suite, it only makes sense to take advantage of other aspects of Google. This process couldn’t be easier than simply selecting the Classroom icon in the share menu.
  8. GeoGebra– Teachers can easily share the wide variety of free and interactive materials offered. The ability to solve equations, graph functions, create constructions, analyze date, and explore 3D math are all easily shareable by clicking the Classroom icon.
  9. Curiosity– Sharing engaging articles is a breeze by selecting the Classroom icon at With a variety of engaging and STEM-related categories, teachers can quickly offer students great non-fiction reads.
  10. DOGO News– This kid-friendly news site is a perfect resource for students of all ages, and teachers can easily direct students to articles by sharing through Classroom. Teachers can also share book and movie suggestions.

The Google Classroom icon is popping up in lots of exciting places! This means that more and more opportunities for learning are easily accessible to G Suite users. These 10 apps are just a sampling of what’s out there for enhancing learning via Google Education. While some offer more integration than others, all offer engaging ways to connect students to learning.