Students running in gym class.

4 Phys Ed Apps to Get Students Pumped about Fitness

The variety and upbeat content of these 4 apps will give students a fresh outlook on physical education.

Kids across America enter physical education classes at a variety of fitness levels. Meeting the wide range of needs and ability levels can prove to be a daunting task for even the most seasoned educators. Having a go-to collection of apps can be just what teachers need to differentiate workouts and/or create stations to accommodate a wide range of interests and abilities. Whether you’re looking for extended workouts or some quick exercises to get any classroom of kids up and moving, these 4 apps are a great starter collection or addition to a pre-existing one.

FitnessClass — This app by PumpOne offers a free version that allows users to determine whether it’s the right fit before subscribing. The free preview has 9 diverse workouts that can viewed on various devices and/or projected for large class usage. Workouts can also be downloaded, so no Wi-Fi connection is needed for use. With the $9.99 subscription, over 500 workouts will be at your fingertips. This large fitness library holds workouts for a variety of styles and levels. Make selections based on equipment, body zones, time, etc. The wide range of instructors and intensity levels will ensure that students can always partake in an engaging workout.

ITGO Interval Trainer
ITGO Interval Trainer — Put the whistle down and let this app take over the timing and transitions for interval training. By letting a device watch the clock, teachers have the ability to focus on students and help them achieve peak performance levels. Workout durations are entered and timing for warmup and cooldown segments is chosen. ITGO allows users to select the slow/fast ratio, choose music selections from their own libraries or pre-loaded choices categorized as slow/fast, select voice, beep, or custom prompts, etc. At only $3.99, this app is like having another set of hands to take care of interval training’s timing component.

Strength Stack
Strength Stack — This exercise system designed by a former military fitness expert combines gameplay with bodyweight exercises to get users engaged in physical fitness. Exercises can be done on their own or as games pitting individuals or groups against one another for an intense fitness challenge. All exercises shared have video links that demonstrate proper execution. The bodyweight resistance component means no equipment necessary. A visit to Strength Stack 52 offers a peek at the many card sets that can be purchased if this fitness challenge forum proves to engage students and/or fellow teachers into amping up their exercise levels.

Sworkit Kids
Sworkit Kids — This free app from Nexercise gets kids up and moving. Over 200 exercises in the categories of Strength, Agility, and Flexibility/Balance offer a variety that lets users change up their workouts. With the ability to choose categories and time limits to customize workouts, the best use of 5 or 35 minutes of training can be achieved. Exercises are demonstrated by kids for kids, so the moves are easy to follow. A great choice for livening up a whole group or recommending to kids and parents for home use. Custom workouts can be shared with other users, and the ad-free format keeps the focus on working out and staying healthy.

Help all students ignite a passion for fitness by bringing some fun and variety to being active. Whether you’re teaching physical education or phonics, sometimes kids need a little spark to get moving and recharge their minds. These 4 apps offer exercise options to fit a variety of timeframes and ability levels.

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