5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, April 2017 Edition

Finding affordable downloads within the newest educational apps on the market.

Increasing students’ opportunities to interact with content, practice skills, and expand their learning toolkits is never time wasted. Making these opportunities more convenient by placing them on devices is pure genius. These 5 new education apps are ready to increase learning and engagement, and with each priced under $5, they won’t create a big increase in the budget.

Following Directions Game — On many days, teachers would be willing to pay a lot more than $1.99 to get students to follow directions! An app that allows students to practice this skill could make a huge difference in helping students prepare for both basic and complex interactions with directives. The app is easy to use, customizable, and games can easily be differentiated. Teachers are able to track progress, and the format is a great fit for special needs students. With the variety of graphics and engaging questions, students will look forward to practicing this important skill, and teachers will appreciate the effects it can have on students’ ability to complete other everyday tasks inside and outside of the classroom.

Care for Our World — Young learners can take an interactive journey around the world discovering diverse environments and the animals that live in them. This animated adaptation of the children’s book written by Karen Robbins and illustrated by Alexander Ball will captivate students with its entertaining storytelling, beautiful images, and variety of creative activities. Users can create their own custom habitats, enjoy coloring pages, access interesting facts, sounds, and images in the Animal Encyclopedia, and more. For only $2.99, this engaging storytelling adventure allows students to gain an appreciation of the importance of caring for the environment in an interactive and entertaining format.

Living Sketchbook Vol. 1: Boyhood Home — The unique experience presented for users of this app offers an up close and interactive look at artistic creation. James Gurney presents his sketchbook in full, and students are able to zoom in on the images within it, listen to audio recordings from when the paintings were created, and watch videos of some of the paintings being completed. With voiceovers sharing information about brushes, paints, and techniques, students are given a rare opportunity to learn about the creation of an artwork collection and watch it unfold from the actual artist. The insight gained by learning directly from the artist is well worth the $4.99 price tag.

Mammals by Tinybop — Animal lovers of any age will delight in this new addition to Tinybop’s award winning Explorer’s Library. Users are able to see how the animals included (tiger, bat, kangaroo, elephant, and coming soon, the sloth) play, eat, see, run, fly, grow, and more. This interactive app allows students to view the inner and outer workings of each animal. The various body systems can be explored, and users can use the cameras on their devices to get a glimpse of how each animal sees. Students can race two animals to see who’s fastest and even discover how tiger claws work, bats “see” in the dark, and elephants use their trunks. So many educational possibilities with this engaging app priced at just $2.99.

Tabs & Chords Guitar Pro- learn and play — A perfect app for the music enthusiast looking to gain a better understanding of chord combinations and hone their guitar playing skills. At just $2.99, novice or experienced musicians are able to learn how to play chords in major and minor keys. Users are also able to listen to chords via the app and generate random chord progressions for learning and/or music composition. When a key is chosen, all chords within it are displayed, and students can tap a chord for more information or tap a randomize button to have a unique progression generated. A great asset for learning to play or delving into musical composition.

Whether teachers are looking to bring some engaging learning opportunities into the classroom or offer students some ways to continue their learning at home, these 5 new educational apps are a perfect fit. Building interest and knowledge in music and art, exploring animals, reading and interacting with a lens for helping the environment, and strengthening the ability to follow directions are all possibilities with this latest collection. For less than $5 each and less than $20 for all, the price is right on increasing student’s learning repertoire with these engaging apps.