5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, April 2018 Edition

Some of the newest tools to impact education are a cost-effective download away!

Identifying resources to enhance educational experiences and manage all the ins and outs of learning can be time consuming and cost prohibitive. Hidden amongst the innumerable gaming apps that hit the market daily are a few gems that are well suited for the classroom. These 5 newcomers on the ed app scene are sure to have an impact on learning, and at less than $5 a piece, they won’t make a big impact on the budget.

Orbitrack– For lovers of all things space and/or those studying satellites and spaceflights, this app is a real find. The $4.99 price unlocks amazing AR and VR experiences along with a boon of additional satellite and spaceflight information and images. With detailed 3-D models of various satellites, mission description, views, and more, this app offers users an endless supply of resources. Users can easily navigate the numerous components and stay on top of the space race from the comfort of a handheld device!

Plant Process– The benefits of being well versed in food and nutrition don’t have to be exclusive to a health or cooking course. For students with an interest in different dietary plans or those completing a study of healthy eating habits, this app offers a great way to explore converting to a plant-based diet. The app includes daily challenges, recipes, meal planners, and more to get users on course for transitioning their eating habits to being exclusively plant-based. Plant Process is great fit for a health conscious student or teacher.

Jot- Notes & Todos– Managing information and staying on top of a to-do list is much easier with an app like Jot. Teachers really can’t have enough options in their toolkits for helping students find the best resources for organizing and managing the anything and everything that seems to accompany school and life. By removing all the bells and whistles associated with many other organizing apps, Jot stands apart, and the for only $1.99, users can get down to the business of simply organizing and staying on top of what’s important.

ShortBudget– Lessons on spending and money management are truly ageless. Many students have a lack of understanding when it comes to personal spending and managing their money. At $0.99, ShortBudget is an affordable app (a savvy, money-saving bonus) that allows users to work with short-term and micro budgets. Whether the app is used as a teaching tool for budgeting scenarios or a real-time resource for students to implement with their own money, the lessons learned by being mindful with money can help students as they navigate finances beyond their school-aged years.

Boulevard AR– This new AR app brings the art world to a handheld device for only $2.99. This first in a series from Boulevard Arts gives users an immersive look into the famous Portrait of Sir Henry Upton. The painting from the world-renowned Tudor collection in London’s National Portrait Gallery is introduced by one of the museum’s curators. Nine individual vignettes are shared that allow users to explore the painting and create their own personalized experience. Boulevard Arts provides a wide array of humanities-based exploration with many teaching resources found on the main website.

Apps for learning and the management of its processes are priceless finds. With this latest collection of downloads, students and teachers can be on the path of exploring new concepts and organizing all the ins and outs that accompany the journey. Our 5 Newest Ed Apps under $5 collection can be a real lifesaver when it comes to locating affordable resources for the classroom and beyond!

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