5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, August 2018 Edition

The affordability of learning can be captured with these 5 new apps for less than $5 each.

In a tech savvy world, engaging students by integrating technology can be a key to opening more learning opportunities. A quick trip to the app store can offer a wide variety of choices with varying price points and topics/skills covered. Sifting through all the available options can be a time consuming task. These 5 highlights can take a little off of any busy teacher’s plate by putting some great newbies all in one place.

Nathalie the Artist– Giving young learners more opportunities to explore and engage with text is always money well spent. In this enjoyable tale, readers follow Nathalie as she embarks on the journey to enter an art competition. As neither the best nor worst at any endeavor or subject, Nathalie puts her heart into the task and gives young readers a chance to connect with a relatable character and follow her escapades. Kids will enjoy the illustrations and game in this $0.99 e-read as they also gain takeaways about building confidence and learning from mistakes.

Artificial Intelligence School– Users can learn all about AI for only $2.99. The app is a comprehensive course that teaches all the nuances needed for tackling artificial intelligence and doesn’t make any assumptions about a prior knowledge base. Whether a student carries an interest or a teacher is looking to delve deeper into utilizing AI, users of any skill level can become savvy in the realm of AI with just 15 minutes a day. There are over 30 in-depth lessons and practical advice and discussions for using AI in real-world situations.

Inpaint– For only $0.99, Inpaint lets users manipulate photographs to make them just right for adding to presentations. Oftentimes, cropping simply isn’t enough to remove an unwanted person, object, date, etc. from a photo; this app allows users to fine-tune their images. A perfect tool to help teachers and students unlock more potentially useful and professional looking photos for enhancing presentations.

3D Creator– This engaging app allows students to explore their creative side by crafting 3D images. This is a great learning opportunity for working with shape and design. The finished products can be placed anywhere in a room and explored via an augmented reality component. Then the image can be captured in this setting and shared. Models can also be brought to life with a 3D printer. There are lots of possibilities for learning and exploring with this easy-to-use $2.99 application.

Yoga Guru: Daily Plans & Poses– Brain breaks are a great way to have a whole class hit the refresh button, and yoga poses are a perfect way to take that break. This no-frills app offers an affordable way to add some yoga to the repertoire and get kids mindfully moving. With over 100 poses for the choosing, and more than 20 routines available, the $1.99 price tag makes this an affordable way to add some fitness to the school day. This would be an excellent app for teachers of any subject to use as a brain break or a perfect download for a health or physical education teacher.


Whether the goal is creating, exploring, or finding a Zen moment, there’s something for everyone in this set of apps. Using technology to enhance instruction and pique student interest is an excellent way to liven up learning. Our 5 Newest Ed Apps under $5 collection can be a real lifesaver when it comes to locating affordable resources for the classroom and beyond!