5 Newest Ed Apps under 5 Bucks, December 2016 Edition

A month-by-month look at the latest educational apps with affordable price tags.

Some days it can seem nearly impossible to keep up with all the additions to your inbox, much less what’s the latest addition on the educational app scene. Developers are constantly adding new apps to an already saturated market. Sifting through them all and finding those that could positively impact the classroom and student learning can fall pretty low on a lengthy priority list. Each month we’ll be spotlighting 5 newcomers under $5 that may just become the go-to favorites of students and teachers.

— Young learners will be thrilled to explore the ocean with the Octonauts. Based on the popular television series, users are able to enjoy underwater adventures in their very own GUP vehicle right alongside their favorite characters. Missions to explore, rescue, and protect are all part of this technological experience, and students will be able to snap pictures, play games, and learn fascinating facts about lots of creatures and environments under the sea. A great supplemental element for a unit on oceans or some free-choice educational fun. At only $3.99, this low price will yield a high educational return.

Guided Essay Writer — Created by a college professor to aid students in perfecting the essay writing process, this low-cost app could soon become a go-to favorite. For only $1.99, users have access to a host of templates and tools for creating a college-level essay. The explanations and examples offered will allow students to get a fresh perspective on creating their own pieces. It’s easy to keep track of essay progress and get some assistance when it comes to documenting sources and devising a reference page. Produce essays of college-level quality in middle and/or high school with this easy-to-follow guide.

Basic Concepts Assessment — When it comes to cost-effective, you can’t beat free! This early assessment tool gives teachers and parents an interactive option for determining students’ mastery of foundational concepts. Engaging images and an easy-to-use format make this a welcome addition to any assessment repertoire. Areas covered include spatial concepts, quantitative concepts, attributive concepts, emotions, temporal, negation, directional, colors, and shapes. A perfect way to do a quick assessment of baseline knowledge.

Space by Tinybop — Space can be a fascinating area of study for early elementary students, and with Space by Tinybop, the fascination can come to life on their own device. This 8th installment in Tinybop’s award winning Explorer’s Library will not disappoint. Users are able to visit 8 planets and the sun, and their journeys allows them to explore the surfaces and learn interesting characteristics from each of them. Students can throw meteorites to test gravity and atmosphere, discover the phases of the moon, study each planet’s orbit around the sun, gain an understanding of the role Earth’s movement plays in the changing of the seasons, and so much more. A free handbook with tips and basic information for parents and teachers is also included in the $2.99 price.

Vista List — Time management can be a tricky concept to master at any age. Giving students the tools and support to begin managing their assignments and growing workloads can alleviate some of the stress associated with the demands of a heavy schedule. For only $2.99, students can input due dates and deadlines, learn the value of chunking timelines, and have the tools to stay on track with larger projects. The ability to set reminders and streamline all educational and personal demands can help users of any age get a handle on all of their projects and commitments.

Whether the goal is engaging students in a particular area of study or helping them manage their study habits, November 2016 delivered some great apps to make it all happen. Using technology in and out of the classroom to supplement and manage learning is a wise investment. These 5 newcomers under $5 are worthy of a second glance and bound to positively impact students and teachers.

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