5 Newest Ed Apps under 5 bucks, February 2017 Edition

This month’s look at affordable new apps for education.

The excitement of finding just the right resource to reach students and make learning come to life is priceless. January saw a lot of new releases for apps in education. One of the amazing aspects of this collection is the price tag, all under $5.

Sight Word Fluency Phrases — What could be better than an app with over 500 Fry list sight words? One that also offers over 750 fluency phrases to really get students reading! Both the sight words and the fluency phrases have 25 levels of learning fun with four unique games to play at each level. Flashcard reviews, photos, word searches, and word builders are used to help students master their early reading milestones. At just $1.99 with no additional in-app purchases, this is an affordable an engaging tool for young learners.

Go to Ten — Users of RightStart Math will recognize the elements of this addictive game. Usage of the RightStart Math program is in no way necessary for students to experience the educational value of using the app though. This fast-paced card game is a perfect way for students to practice making 10. A set of five cards appears at the bottom of the screen, and students must select the two that add up to 10. With 29 pairs of matches and three levels of play, there are lots of practice opportunities in this $.99 app.

Spelling Adventure: Advanced Elementary Words — Finding an interactive and engaging way to practice spelling is well worth the $1.99 price tag on this app. While word lists aren’t customizable, users have the opportunity to practice spelling over 90 five to ten letter words. This could be a one-stop purchase for the classroom with the ability to support multiple user profiles. An entertaining cartoon picture and the pronunciation of the word are shared, and then students drag the jumbled letters to correctly spell the word. Hints are given if needed. A great headphone activity to offer as students rotate through learning stations.

Multiplication Math — Adding an interactive element to practicing math facts is a great way to get students engaged in their learning. With Multiplication Math, users brush up on multiplication facts 1-15. Gameplay is broken into two categories, 1-10 facts and 11-15 facts, to make practice opportunities available to a wider range of students at differing ability levels. A problem is displayed at the top of the screen, and possible answers begin to float across the screen below it. Students click on the correct product to select their answer. An entertaining method for practicing math facts at only $1.99.

Flashnote — Helping students learn effective strategies for notetaking and organizing information is a valuable skill. With Flashnote, that value comes at the affordable price of $.99. A single photo turns lecture materials and handouts into documents that can be easily stored and manipulated. Pictures taken with a device are quickly converted into PDF documents that can be saved and referenced when needed. Converted documents can be shared with other classmates and/or devices. A valuable tool for organizing information well beyond the K-12 classroom.

Engaging learners and helping them manage information can be achieved even on a limited budget. These 5 new arrivals on the ed app scene are sure to make an impact with students. Making learning fun and accessible is as easy as a trip to the app store and a quick download.

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