January 2017

5 Newest Ed Apps under 5 Bucks, January 2017 Edition

Our (late!) monthly look at affordable new apps for education.

Starting out the New Year fresh can be a lot easier with a few well-priced apps for the classroom. December wasn’t only a month of packages under the tree; portable device users also got some pretty amazing downloads to try. At less than $5, these ed app newcomers can have some amazing impacts for students and teachers without impacting the budget.

Pearl Harbor VR Tours — Bring history alive as virtual reality allows students to tour Pearl Harbor. Three VR tours are included for only $2.99. The first tour allows users to walk the decks of the Arizona before the attack on December 7, 1941. Students will be able to meet members of the ship’s final crew and tour this historic battleship. On the second tour, the attack on Battleship Row unfolds. This four segment experience offers a 180 degree viewpoint and offers students new perspective on the Japanese attack. In the final segment, students are able to explore the USS Arizona Memorial. The tour is self-paced and offers entry into areas that are off limits to the public. A perfect addition to a WWII unit.

The Ambient Poem — A perfect way to show students that poetry is all around us. With The Ambient Poem, weather and conditions across the globe become poetry. For only $1.99, this is an excellent cross-curricular find. Converting science to poetry and offering students a digitally generated form of this writing genre are all a part of the user experience with this app. A great way to have students interpret poetry, compare poetic nuances based on location, or utilize this modeled template for creating their own ambient prose.

Notepro: Best Notepad with Colornote Stickys — Finding the perfect organizational tool can be tricky, but Notepro may just be the one that brings it all together. Color can be a powerful tool when it comes to notetaking and grouping ideas. For $1.99, users are able to streamline all of their information in a single note app and use its color capabilities to organize by topic, idea, contributor, source, etc. Colors can be edited at any time and notes can be sent as texts or attachments to allow for sharing of information with group projects.

An Adventure of Our Own — Users work with a partner to become the creators of personalized Choose Your Own Adventure stories. A great app for teaching the mechanisms of story development to younger students. At only $.99, this is a perfect app to suggest parents add to their at-home collections to reinforce ELA skills. The interactive elements also allow users to hone their communication skills and learn to work as part of team, a writing team in this instance. Not only does the writing team get to choose the elements of the story to be told, they also add sound effects, images, and numerous other in-the-moment-decisions. A great way for young learners to explore the writing process in a unique and interactive form.

Exacto: Photo Cut/Background Remover — So much of today’s learning has moved to the digital realm. Many activities involve manipulating images or preparing them for use in a new format. When the perfect image is found that isn’t quite the right fit, Exacto allows users to enhance their visuals and cater the image to the necessary specifications. An affordable tool for cleaning up digital presentations and cutting out any distracting aspects of otherwise perfect images. At only $2.99, this is a handy tool to have on hand for image editing inside and outside of the classroom.

Finding the right apps to enhance learning and instruction doesn’t require winning the lottery. December’s 5 apps under $5 offer a variety of educational bonuses at an affordable price. Writing, image editing, notetaking, and virtual reality can become part of the learning toolkit in 2017 without breaking the bank.

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