5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, December 2018 Edition

Bringing affordability and learning to the classroom one app at a time.

Devices are the norm these days, and making sure those devices find some educational usage doesn’t have to be a huge hurdle for teachers. Having an app repertoire with a variety of selections for different subjects, interests, skills, etc. can allow a teacher’s toolkit to grow exponentially. These 5 finds will allow learning to take the forefront without making an exponential dent in the budget.

Math Drop: Learn Through Gaming– Just $1.99 unlocks all of the modes in this engaging math game. Students can hone their skills in addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, and/or powers/roots. Games can be played in either Learn Mode or High Score Mode to allow students to work on skill development or sharpen their existing skills. The difficulty and timer can be adjusted in either mode to take away any anxiousness that may come with a ticking clock. The simple presentation on the screen allows users to focus on the problems and determining solutions as opposed to getting caught up in frivolous distractions.

Minimal Calendar: Minimal Cal– Simplicity meets function with this $3.99 app. Sometimes keeping it all streamlined can be achieved more easily when all the bells and whistles are removed from the equation. Users are able to easily utilize the intuitive controls and quickly edit in this clutter-free design. The simple features with maximum clarity will help students and/or teachers keep track of all their important deadlines and engagements. Minimal Calendar easily integrates with a variety of other platforms to make setting up a new view to help with organization and time management a breeze.

ReadingIQ– This app is twofold with bonuses for teachers and students. Teacher subscriptions to ReadingIQ are free and allow teachers to have access to the comprehensive digital library of books and all the Guided Reading and Lexile levels needed to make selecting the right books for students a much easier undertaking. There are thousands of leveled books for preschool- 6th grade and lots of titles for older students and even Spanish selections. The subscription price for kids is $4.99/month or $29.99/year. This would be a great suggestion for a parent purchase to help get kids in the right books for their reading levels while offering them a wide selection to meet their interests.

Simply Watercolors– This app allows users to transform art. A picture can be transformed to a gorgeous watercolor, and the artists can do a lot of tweaking and adjusting to make that transformation a one-of-a-kind image. For $4.99, students can utilize the detail and shade controls to further develop the images and also try out the outline controls that allow for options to color. With artistic finishes and adjustable edges, there is so much that students can explore in digitally transforming photos to watercolors.

PolyHarp– Adding an old school sound without spending a lot of money on an instrument just got a lot easier with this new app. Polyharp puts the classic autoharp from music class at students’ digital fingertips. This $4.99 app allows musicians and kids with an interest in the blending of sounds to explore an instrument that doesn’t see much playing time these days. The digital form allows for a lot of trial, error, and exploration when it comes to chord blending and creating unique sounds. It can also bring a bit of nostalgia to the teachers and parents who remember autoharps from their youths.

Mastering the basics, staying organized, and exploring the arts are the big winners in this month’s search for new educational apps. Whether kids are reading, calculating, planning, or creating, one of these new apps will surely strike a chord. Our 5 Newest Ed Apps under $5 collection can be a real lifesaver when it comes to locating affordable resources for the classroom and beyond!