5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, February 2018 Edition

Adding these great finds to a resource toolkit will have students and teachers reaping the benefits without going broke.

Staying up to date on all the latest app releases could be a full-time job in itself. When you put that task to an already overscheduled educator, it can feel overwhelming, and the search queries may not be undertaken with a cost-effective lens. These 5 new releases on the ed app scene can provide high-interest engagement on a low-cost budget.

Ai Search 2– Blindly searching the internet can lead to some pretty questionable results. Students can be overwhelmed by an overabundance of information, sidetracked by unrelated results, and/or troubled by inappropriate returns. With Ai Search 2, search engines can become customizable leading users to only land in safe places that are likely to be more on topic and in the realm of their original inquiry. At just $0.99, this can take the worry and the sifting out of searching for information. Key words and personalized rules can bring returns from a specified set of websites or even a singular site based on the personalized creation. A great way to help students narrowly and safely search for information.

Hark News– This $0.99 app reads articles to users. By copying the link of an online article and pasting it into Hark News, students are able to listen to a converted audio file that can be played offline. This gives students that are having trouble navigating through a difficult text an additional strategy to employ for working through it. It can also give students a way to add some more informational text to their repertoires. Teachers can send students links of articles that can be pasted into the app for a quick listen. A great way to help students sift through a variety of text to pinpoint useable pieces for research, or Hark can simply offer them another way to work through comprehension of informational text.

Slice Fractions 2– Helping students conceptualize their understanding of fractions can be accomplished for only $3.99. This sequel to the award-winning Slice Fractions takes students on an engaging journey with mathematical takeaways. Over 100 unique physics puzzles allow student to gradually discover fractions and work through concepts related to equivalent fractions, common denominators, fraction multiplication, and more. No prior fraction knowledge is required, and the activities provided align to Common Core standards in grades 2-5. By using visual representations and manipulatives, this app lets students comprehend concepts while engaging with a variety of creatures in three colorful and mathematical worlds.

Writemator– With students spending so much time on the go, having an app that allows them to easily develop text is a great addition to their devices. This updated version of the old WriteRoom app is compatible with the latest software, but it doesn’t get caught up in the bells and whistles so often associated with all things digital these days. Writemator is about connecting with the text being developed on the page. The features that are included for $4.99 allow users to work on the distraction-free interface and quickly search all documents, add customizable keys to the keyboard, and customize their own writing room. A worthy investment for students managing an abundance of writing pieces.

Tactone– This simple yet versatile metronome is perfect for any musician at just $1.99. Whether users are honing their skills for a music course or utilizing a metronome for their own musical stylings, Tactone will become an indispensable addition. Students can create set lists, tap out original beats, adjust the upbeat, and more. With a dynamic and natural acoustic sound, this app that works across devise is the only metronome students will need.

Finding the right apps to enhance learning can be an arduous task. Once some go-to favorites have been obtained, students and teachers won’t want to go back to life before these new additions. These 5 newcomers with affordable prices are sure to be some downloadable favorites that will have a positive impact on learning inside and outside of the classroom.

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