5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, January 2018 Edition

As the New Year begins, these newly released apps are a perfect way to get students engaged after the holidays without breaking the bank.

The app scene is constantly changing. With numerous daily releases, it can be hard to keep up with all the new possibilities for the classroom. Apps can help students practice skills, engage with content, and/or get organized. These 5 newcomers have a variety of possibilities for enhancing learning by engaging students.

guitarscaper– Music lovers will love this app. For only $2.99, users can listen to auto-play stylings or create their own unique pieces by playing the virtual instrument. While the sounds produced all come from an electric guitar, there are many processed sounds that have been manipulated to range from orchestral swells to choir-like sounds. Students can record and process the audio output and use it in any of their own recordings and/or live performances.

iLovecraft 2 Immersive Reading– The classics take on a whole new look as students read, listen, play, and move their devices to take interacting with a book to an elevated level. The Colour of Outer Space by H.P. Lovecraft was originally published in 1927 and was an instant hit with followers of science fiction and terror stories. This immersive rendering takes readers beyond the original pages as they engage with the story in new ways as the animated and interactive elements unfold alongside intriguing sound effects and a unique soundtrack. An engaging read that offers more substance than a simple text for just $2.99.

SkySafari 6– A perfect companion to a space unit or a perfect suggestion for a stargazer, this newest edition of SkySafari offers users new views of the skies. This $0.99 purchase turns a device into a personal planetarium. Students can use voice control to locate different constellations and stellar formations. The app can back up setting files on the cloud and allows users to access any stored information over multiple devices. Interact with the sky in front of you or simulate stargazing from any vantage point on Earth. More information and components than can possibly be mentioned for one low price.

Depthography– This resource could easily be incorporated into an art or photography class or be used to enhance features to photos being used in a variety of presentation methods. With Depthography, students are able to explore new dimensions within portrait mode. For a mere $0.99, users have the ability to control blur levels, adjust focus areas, apply different filters to the foreground and background, and fine-tune depth mask. Photos can be transformed to high-quality images that can be manipulated to serve a variety of artistic and presentational purposes.

DinoDigger for Merge Cube– The one-of-a-kind experience found within this app is available for only $1.99. The app does require the usage of a Merge Cube, which can be purchased at an affordable price. The app and cube combo allows users to interact with the cube either with or without AR goggles. With DinoDigger, students are able to go exploring with a dinosaur hunter and paleontologist. As they explore, they are able to dig for dinosaurs in several different environments. Upon uncovering a complete skeleton, the dinosaur comes to life in the palm of the student’s hand. This is a unique lens for viewing paleontology with an optional VR twist. Merge Cube offers a variety of other experiences that could fit into a variety of curriculums.

Whethr students are the creators or exploring the creations of others, these 5 apps are well worth a download in 2018. Finding educationally engaging ways to turn students on to learning is always a worthy investment. When those investments come in at less than $5 a piece, it’s time to hit the app store!

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