5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, January 2019 Edition

Let learning and affordability go hand-in-hand with these 5 new apps for the New Year.

January is a month for reflection and resolutions. If adding more engaging resources to the teaching toolkit is on the list for 2019, expanding an app collection by downloading a few newbies is a great place to start. These 5 newcomers can positively impact learning without negatively impacting the budget.

1 Habit– A great find for students and teachers, 1 Habit is like a personal life coach in an affordable $2.99 app. The New Year is all about fresh starts and building new habits that can positively impact that work-life balance. 1 Habit helps users pinpoint the one habit that will hold the most personal impact. That habit is then broken down into specific daily actions, and users will be guided to dig deep in determining the importance of this life change to stay motivated. With daily accountability check-ins and an all-in-one progress dashboard, staying disciplined and committed will be a breeze.

Plain Calculator Pro– The simple interface of this $1.99 app makes it an affordable find! Users can create and cross-reference Workspaces. Students will be able to undo changes and copy/paste calculations, save work for reusability, be more efficient with unit conversion, and more. Budding mathematicians can work on multiple calculations and easily switch between Workspaces. Work can quickly be switched between Apple Watch and iPhone for users with multiple devices. The ten design options allow for a more customized look and feel as students hunker down to explore math.

Ticking– Students can improve their drumming accuracy for only $4.99. Ticking listens to users’ practice and provides visual feedback on the accuracy of play. This would be an excellent companion for students to use in practice rooms. A single tap to the screen starts the exercise, and tempos can be easily adjusted with an upward or downward swipe. Exercises can be changed with a left or right swipe. Exercises available include: Basics (8th notes, triplets, 16th notes), Rate Changes, and Permutations.

GeoParks– While 4th grade may be the year for free admittance to national parks, GeoParks allows any user to explore a growing number of parks for only $1.99. The app was designed to enhance a visit to the parks, but it can also be used as a stand-alone resource to study them. Park highlights are included, and some have offline maps based on USGS Topos. For classes and/or students lucky enough to make a visit to one of the parks, offline maps and GPS allow for location tracking.

Resonance Meditations– Sometimes the best way to impact learning is to revamp how it is approached. Through the use of meditation, students and teachers are able to rejuvenate the mind and be more open to positively accepting new challenges that come about within the learning process. This unique app puts a new twist on meditative sound. As opposed to playing music for guided meditation practice, Resonance Meditation shares the “living” frequency or resonant sounds that come from a variety of essential oils. This is a great way for users to tap into a natural state of reflection and meditation. For only $2.99, this could be used as a whole-class guided practice or individual users could begin their own practice and even keep a gratitude and/or meditation journal within the app.

Education can be impacted by more than just skill and drill apps. Sometimes unlocking new apps to help with productivity and mindfulness are key to increasing success. Our 5 Newest Ed Apps under $5 collection can be a real lifesaver when it comes to locating affordable resources for the classroom and beyond!