5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, July 2017 Edition

Helping students and teachers make the most of device usage one app at a time.

Society today is all about modern conveniences. Many of these conveniences are tied to the usage of devices for streamlining life, learning, and everything in between. When new apps come onto the market that allow users to expand their digital toolkits, it can make a world of difference inside and outside of education. These 5 newcomers have hit the ed app scene, and each comes with a very downloadable price of less than $5.

Garden Guardian by Polished Play– Finding unique and interactive reading experiences is always a great way to engage reluctant readers and offer some fun variety for voracious ones. This animated and interactive storybook brings reading to life as users care for a garden while protecting and raising a baby caterpillar through the stages of metamorphosis. Uploading photos makes the characters customizable and adds a fun personalized spin to the story experience. For only $2.99, readers are able to engage with this fun and educational story while learning some social/emotional nuances as characters react to the different situations presented throughout the text.

Cycles- Daily Habit Creator– One of the major hurdles educators and parents face is aiding students in the development of good habits. These habits can be related to education, hygiene, timeliness, etc. The best way to establish good habits is by beginning to routinely complete them. Cycle is a great way to get this establishment underway. Reminders can be set for reading time, completing homework, packing a lunch, getting to bed, etc. Some students may need a push in the building of study habits, while other students may need assistance in breaking down the timeframe of getting ready for school or the time spent at home once the school day is completed. A perfect app for students with time management goals at a perfect price point of only $1.99.

PlantSnap- Identify plants in a snap!– The warm weather months are an excellent time for getting outside and exploring nature. PlantSnap is a great way to make those forays into the foliage more educational. Whether it’s a botany course/unit, the creation of a nature journal, or just natural curiosity, this app is an excellent nature walk companion. With a global database and instantaneous results, the app is constantly being updated. Over 46,000 species of plants and trees are already cataloged for identification. There are over 316,000 species in the database, and PlantSnap is expected to use its artificial intelligence capabilities to recognize them all by the end of the current calendar year. A great source containing a wealth of information for only $3.99.

Fraction War– Make fractions fun for only $0.99! Some students may struggle with the understanding of greater vs. less than values when working with fractions. By turning the understanding of the concept into a traditional game of War, a renewed interest in mastering the skill may be uncovered. With Beginner, Easy, Medium, and Hard levels to choose from for practice, students with a variety of skill sets can enjoy this mathematical challenge. Users play against the Dr. Cotter, the app creator, and as pairs of cards are revealed, the greater valued fraction must be chosen. If the incorrect card is selected, the fraction chart pulses to show an error has been made. If the values are the same, a war ensues. As in the traditional card game, the winner is the player holding all the cards at the end of gameplay. An engaging way to offer practice and reinforce skills.

Creature Garden by Tinybop– Encouraging imagination is truly priceless, but Creature Garden can boost some imaginative exploration for only $2.99. Users are able to create their own fantastical creatures by adding hooves, claws, beaks, wings, etc. These creations live in a fairy tale garden designed by the user. Different creatures can race, maneuver around obstacles, and have their statistics saved. A perfect way to spark some storytelling ideas and allow students to explore a magical world of their own creations.

Last month saw some great app additions with educational benefits. Whether teachers and parents are looking for ways to engage students in the curriculum or assist them in establishing time management skills, these new releases have them covered. Powering up devices can be the perfect way to power up student engagement, and with 5 apps under $5 each, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

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