5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, July 2018 Edition

Learning and technology can be an affordable combination with these 5 new apps.

Making learning accessible to students is at the forefront for teachers. App developers are doing just that by introducing a variety of applications that can benefit learning and the overall organization and management of the learning process both inside and outside of the classroom. Affordably priced at less than $5 a piece, these 5 newcomers on the app scene are a great addition to any teacher’s digital toolkit.

Perikeet– Creator Andrew Winn has developed a scientific win with Perikeet! This easy-to-use app allows users to access the periodic table from their devices. All 118 elements are covered for the low price of $0.99. Students can easily navigate the table and learn a variety of information about each element. Facts shared include: atomic weight, melting and boiling points, density, year of discovery, discoverer, general price, and more. An excellent and affordable tool for delving into the periodic elements.

Edit: a single page scratchpad– This affordable writing platform can let students get down to the business of writing sans distractions for only $1.99. The idea behind Edit is simple, remove the bells and whistles and let the writing flow. A great way to get thoughts down on paper, or in this case down on device. Users are able to seamlessly pick up where they left off, and writing can easily be exported to any other iOS location. Edit isn’t about storage and multiple documents. It’s about staying focused on one piece at a time.

non ◦ sensory meditation– Lining the toolkit with a variety of methods for achieving calm or focus is always a good practice. With non, users are able to designate which mode they need to enter, calm or focus. There is a lot of buzz about how mindfulness and meditation can be key to a more well-balanced life and psyche for all age groups. This app focuses on unique, generative sounds to center users. For students that need some extra assistance to reach a calmer or more focused state, this app could be just what’s needed. At only $2.99, that’s definitely a reasonable price for true peace of mind.

iNudge – Easy Better Reminders– Parents and teachers spend a lot of time helping kids build healthy habits. Whether those habits are in the lifestyle or learning realms, it can take some time for students to build consistent routines. With iNudge, a little friendly reminder sent via Apple Watch or iPhone can put that routine-building consistency in motion. Reminders can be set for reading, doing homework and/or checking a homework log, exercising, touching base with a parent, etc. For just $1.99, students (and teachers and parents) can customize their schedules and get on track for success.

Art Generator– Beautiful art with the tap of a finger can be produced with this $0.99 app. Students can delve into a modern artistic creation likened to abstract artists like Jackson Pollock. There are 28 preset canvases that can be tweaked and manipulated to make one-of-a-kind creations to save as images and share. A fun and easy-to-use application that lets student explore algorithmic art from their devices.

Accessing technology and enhancing learning experiences just got a whole lot easier with this go-to collection of apps. From the periodic table to algorithmic art, there are a variety of new apps that bring new life and new learning opportunities to students, teachers, and parents. Our 5 Newest Ed Apps under $5 collection can be a real lifesaver when it comes to locating affordable resources for the classroom and beyond!