5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, June 2017 Edition

Finding resources for the classroom that aren’t cost prohibitive.

Bringing new life to tired concepts or engaging new formats for interacting with content can be the perfect way to get students engaged. Students are more likely to remember their devices than a pencil these days, so when teachers are able to procure some educationally beneficial applications for said devices without breaking the bank, it’s definitely a bonus. There are a lot of options out there, and this June 2017 Edition will take a look at 5 newbies that can be downloaded for less than $5 each.

Flip Flap Dogs– This entertaining early reading experience is a fun way to engage students with text and the concept of interchangeability for less than $1. Students can select between two modes of interacting with the text. It can be read to them, or they can do the reading on their own. The flip-flap component of this digital books allows users to cross two dogs and create a new breed. For example, by combining a beagle and a poodle, readers are introduced to a boodle and read the silly poem that shares the mixing of the two. There are 121 possible combinations for students to explore in this fifth app to be added to Nosy Crow’s popular Flip Flap series.

Biology Quiz- AP & College– This biology study aid offers over 450 questions and rationales for students to review with a price tag of only $1.99. The quizzes are organized by chapter and include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and matching questions. Progress can be monitored and synced across devices. A perfect extension activity for students taking an AP Biology course at the high school or college level. Topics/chapters of study include Cells, Genetics & Heredity, Plant Structure & Function, Biological Diversity & Classification, Respiration, & Photosynthesis, Biochemistry, and several more. The mixture of simple and challenging questions makes this a great study tool for students at a variety of levels.

The Canterville Ghost (Oscar Wilde) Immersive Book– A classic comes to life with a digital twist in this interactive text for readers to enjoy. The music and animations that accompany the text add a new energy to this Wilde favorite. As the latest installment in the iClassic Collection, this comical thriller will have students turning the pages over and over to explore the different interactive elements that have been added to enhance the story. Over 70 interactive illustrations are included, and the Wilde biography and sketchbook found within the extras make this app a steal at only $2.99.

US Public Land – Offline Map– This unique addition to a unit or course on geography can offer students a new perspective on the lands within the United States. A perfect catalyst for discussions and/or areas of further study and exploration when it comes to the public land holdings within the continental United States. A variety of maps are available from different government organizations. Users can access maps from the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Defense, Forest Service, National Park Service, Tennessee Valley Authority, and several more. A wealth of information for only $.99 that could be projected for whole-class viewing/discussion or recommended for students doing specific projects and/or with a keen interest in the subject area.

Lyle Little 2– This digital text allows young readers to reach the conclusion to antics of Lyle’s first set of adventures. The entertaining and engaging 3D scenes also offer up some great discussion points and life lessons as readers find Lyle struggling to find the confidence to stand up for himself. Four narrators weave this tale, and teachers will be glad to note that three different reading levels can be accessed to meet the needs of a diverse classroom. For just $3.99, this story and some accompanying mini-games offer a fun reading experience for students.

The past month saw several additions to interactive texts and some great resources for social studies and science classrooms. When selecting apps to enhance the curriculum, it’s always a relief to find cost-effective options. These 5 newcomers on the education scene are just a download away from becoming go-to favorites of both students and teachers.