5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, June 2018 Edition

Adding technology to learning with a trip to the app store.

The accessibility of application technology makes it a wonderful companion for students to utilize inside and outside of the classroom. Apps can be used to create, enhance, and/or reinforce a variety of learning opportunities. This month’s collection will allow student to improve reading and artistic skills with a little mathematical and business savvy tossed in for good measure. When learning resources and affordability meet, students reap the benefits.

Reading Habit– Finding resources to enhance reading skills and interest is a continual search for educators. For only $0.99, Reading Habit can be added to the queue of technology that shares informational text. Rather than a quick summary that can be the goal of many apps dedicated to providing informational text articles, users will find lengthier, curated articles that average between 3,000- 6,000 words. A key way to develop reading skills is to have students do more reading, and by choosing articles of interest, they can expand their reading repertoire in a very affordable fashion.

BuyStocks– For a business or mathematics course, BuyStocks is a great way to introduce students to the stock market. As students learns some of the basics about the market, they can delve into stock ratings, buy ratings, and overall best average ratings. Prices and ratings are displayed in real-time, and users can look at available stocks in any price range. At just $0.99, BuyStocks is a worthy investment for teaching students how to read and follow the stock market.

Oldio- Audiobook Classics– The increased usage of ereaders and reading apps makes it simple for students to access text just about anywhere. The one downfall that can be encountered is the price tag attached to purchasing the titles to be enjoyed. With Oldio, students can browse and choose a variety of classic titles to enjoy in audio format for a one-time purchase price of $3.99. With thousands of books for the choosing, there are sure to be a wide variety of interests met via a single app.

Sculptura– Looking for an affordable and mess-free way to teach students the art of sculpting? Sculptura allows users to work with a variety of tools and techniques to create 3-D masterpieces. Students can carve, smooth, cylinder, sphere, flatten, resize, and more. The lighting and easy-to-use materials make this artistic app a very user-friendly exploration of sculpture. Finished pieces can be easily exported, and the $4.99 purchase price makes this much more affordable and accessible than a host of sculpting supplies.

Camera+ 2– For a budding photographer or picture-taking enthusiast, Camera+ 2 is a must download. Users that use an iPhone or iPad to capture images can download this photo-enhancing app for only $2.99. No additional in-app purchases are required to unlock all of the amazing features of this app. Students will be able to utilize manual controls, capture raw or depth images which can then be edited with a variety of tools. The variety of shooting modes also make this a perfect way to perfect capturing the best image every time.

This go-to collection offers a variety of ways for students to access technology and enhance their learning experiences. Whether they want to try dabbling in the stock market, honing their artistic skills, or diving into a classic read, there are lots of opportunities for learning. Our 5 Newest Ed Apps under $5 collection can be a real lifesaver when it comes to locating affordable resources for the classroom and beyond!