5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, March 2017 Edition

Taking a look at the newest releases in ed apps that won’t break the bank.

When education apps and affordability go hand-in-hand, it’s a win-win for students and teachers. Developers released a wide variety of apps with educational benefits that could be garnered at home or in the classroom this February. Whether a digital component is being used to reinforce a concept or offer an outlet for creativity, a boost to student engagement is sure to coincide with these 5 newly released apps, set to impress this…spring.

Titanic VR– This is an excellent find for history buffs. For $2.99, users are able to virtually tour the Titanic and take in some of the majestic grandeur of this famous ocean liner. As period music plays, students can virtually tour the bow, crow’s nest, bridge, starboard bridge wing, compass platform, A-deck, docking bridge, and the external view of the ship. The use of this visual resource allows students to broaden their scope when studying the history and/or literature surrounding the fateful sailing.

Sustainabody Ad-Free: Vitamin and Mineral Tracker– In the slash of budget cuts, health and physical education courses can often find themselves on the chopping and/or reduction blocks. If minimal offerings are available or some new resources for current offerings would be welcomed, the affordability of Sustainabody makes it a great addition. For just $1.99, users are given a digital format for learning about their own bodies and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. This app moves beyond simple calorie counting and provides students with an engaging way to truly understand the breakdown of the fuels they place in their own bodies. An excellent companion to a nutritional study or a perfect suggestion for a student with a healthy lifestyle interest.

uFranklin– Touted as The Ultimate Ben Franklin App: Adventures of the Greatest Mind of His Era, this is another welcome addition to the repertoire of history apps. Franklin’s insight and writings from Poor Richard’s Almanac have been analyzed and organized to give users a topically arranged format with over a thousand of his quotations. The complete text of his autobiography is also available and accompanied with excerpts of his daily schedule and a formula for living a successful life. A mind map, prints from the Almanac, and a gallery of his discoveries and inventions are all included in the low $.99 price.

IELTS Listening Practice Tests– Finding a way to possibly improve students’ listening skills for only $.99, sold! While this app is devoid of all the flashy bells and whistles, it does offer users an opportunity to measure their listening skills and the ability to pay attention to details within the spoken word. Students listen to four separate audio recordings within different contexts and answer paper/pencil questions about what they hear. This could definitely offer some eye-opening results that provide tangible feedback in relation to the quality of students’ listening skills.

Sweet Home Stories- Family playhouse for kids.– This app offers an engaging and interactive platform for young learners to explore a familiar environment. While it may seem like play, users are actually creatively exploring and digitally storytelling with the six characters who live in the dollhouse. A nice tech addition to the classroom and/or a great suggestion for parents to use at home. For only $2.99, this app can be used to introduce and reinforce valuable life skills and routines.

Whether students are brushing up on history, improving their health or listening habits, or exploring the intricacies of daily life, there’s an app that can bring a new level of engagement. Learning fun with digital accessibility can be found at an affordable price. These 5 latest ed apps are just a download away from becoming go-to favorites.