5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, May 2017 Edition

Breaking down the student engagement barrier without breaking the bank.

Finding affordable ways to bring new fervor to the classroom can be challenging. Sometimes that challenge can be met with an app that sparks student engagement while meeting academic and organizational needs. With these 5 apps that hit the education scene last month, teachers can offer students a way to power on their learning opportunities by powering up their devices.

Centaur Quest by Polished Play– This engaging forum for reading is sure to spark an interest with reluctant readers and/or fans of a choose-your-own-adventure style of text delivery. The difference here is that users are able to become the faces of the characters within this unique narrative. By uploading photos, students can cast three characters within the tale with familiar faces. Readers are then off on an adventure where trolls, mermaids, dragons, centaurs, and a sage mage are waiting to be encountered. At just $2.99, this is a great addition to a young reader’s library.

The Trolley Problem– At a time when ethics can often seem to be in short supply, this digital delivery of a classic ethical dilemma can be a great discussion starter and tool for generating introspection. The Trolley Problem has been at the forefront in ethics classes since its inception in 1967. Leaving users to choose whether a runaway trolley crashes into a group or is diverted to strike a sole bystander can generate a lot of questions in trying to determine if a right answer exists. This $.99 app includes two trolley scenarios shared via TED-Ed and BBC, reactions from philosophers, an excerpt from a Harvard philosophy course, and even an excerpt from an ethics discussion on the programming of self-driving cars. An engaging foray into the realm of ethics to share with older students.

Mindful Meal Tracker & Food Diary/Journal Finding ways to foster an interest in personal health and wellness is money well spent. Whether part of a health/fitness course or paired with a scientific study of the human body and nutrition, the $2.99 price tag for helping students build awareness of how to maintain a proper diet is well worth it. The app can set reminders to help users build good nutritional habits to meet goals and/or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Snapping a photo of a meal can be enough to allow the tracker to account for what’s being consumed and let students see a profile of the benefits and downfalls of their dietary selections.

Categories- Categorization Skill Development App– This app for building an understanding of connectedness through categorizing is fun, engaging, and simple to use. The well-designed images and pleasant voice make for an enjoyable learning experience. At only $.99, the app is customizable and easily differentiated. User progress can be tracked, and the variety of learning opportunities and interactive games will have students quickly progressing. An excellent choice to reinforce categorization concepts for students at any level.

Audio to Text– With this audio to text app, students are able to transform spoken words into saveable and shareable text files. This can have great implications in the classroom and the real world. The verbal steps for completing a task are suddenly in a tangible written format, the speech that was hard to follow can now be read and studied, or any directives given can now become an easily referenced set of instructions. For just $1.99, users can have the peace of mind in knowing they heard it correctly. This format is also a great way for students that find writing/typing laborious to get a draft of their ideas down on paper by speaking.

Helping students build a toolkit of resources for academic success is always time well spent in the classroom. When teachers are able to provide students with links and downloads to resources that can make learning more accessible, students can reap the benefits for years to come. When those resources are affordable and engaging, it’s a win-win. With these 5 new apps for education, teachers can help pave the way for students to experience success on their academic journeys!

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