5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, May 2018 Edition

Apps for the classroom and managing life outside of it are ready for downloading this month.

This month holds a collection of affordable apps that can impact learning and the management of life beyond the walls of the classroom. Educators spend a lot of time preparing and planning effective lessons and opportunities for learning, and some digital resources are always a welcome addition. Sometimes a little help from the digital realm for managing all of life’s intricacies outside of the classroom can also do wonders for helping teachers be more effective in it. These 5 apps under $5 offer teachers and students some food for thought when it comes to learning and navigating daily life.

Five Minutes of Gratitude– Taking the time to have students find value in kindness and gratitude is never time wasted. Allotting only five minutes a day will make teachers grateful they turned students on to this new app that is affordably priced at $2.99. Practicing mindfulness and journaling is an excellent way to get students writing and reflecting on their choices and aspirations. Users can type or use a stylus to journal in their own handwriting. This easy-to-use journaling app with a twist gives students a positive way to reflect on and express their daily experiences.

Rutabaga– This app offers improvisation practice for the jazz enthusiast. There are numerous variations that can be used to experiment with the different jazz stylings. For only $0.99, users are able to work with chord progressions, chord inversions, improvisation, and more within a variety of beats or timed intervals. The built-in metronome and timer are a just a couple of the added bonuses of this very affordable app.

Reading Game & App for Kids– This step-by-step reading application by Adventure Readers is a perfect tool for young learners. At just $3.99, this 70-page adventure story will take users through a variety engaging activities. The sound approach used when engaging with words aids early readers in the decoding process. This app is a great choice for kids that are struggling with reading and/or ELLs. There is also built-in help to assist students in getting to the correct answer. This go-to reading tool designed for the iPad could be used in the classroom or as a suggestion to parents for additional practice at home.

SoftPads– For those working with musical performers, this is a perfect find for eliminating any dead space behind the musicians and instruments. Whether it’s for running a loop during a school performance, talent show, auditions, or even offering an affordable suggestion to students who perform outside of the school’s music program, SoftPads is a well-reviewed addition to the repertoire. At only $4.99, it is a small tool that can make a world of difference in performances.

Pantry Pot– The struggle is real when it comes to finding the work-life balance that’s needed to keep one’s sanity intact. For just $2.99, Pantry Pot can take one worry off the plate. Users can simply input what’s currently on hand at home and find an easy idea for creating a meal. No more worries over what’s for dinner. This app saves teachers from having to make a trip to the store and frees up some time to do one or two or seven of the numerous other things that always seem to fall to the wayside.

The app store can be the perfect place to go when looking for ways to impact the learning environment and all those who enter it. Whether it’s finding new ways and tools for tackling learning or finding new ways to tackle the hours spent outside of school, these apps are a great starting point. Our 5 Newest Ed Apps under $5 collection can be a real lifesaver when it comes to locating affordable resources for the classroom and beyond!