5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, November 2018 Edition

Economical meets educational in these 5 newly released apps.

Making content appealing and manageable can be a tricky and time-consuming task. Adding a digital component can help alleviate some of the planning and logistics of it all. With these 5 newly released apps, teachers and students will find some affordable downloads that are ready to make an impact on learning.

TI84 Graphing Calculator UM+– No more grumbles and groans about the pricey cost of graphing calculators. With this TI84 app, students can purchase a $3.99 app instead of an actual calculator which can cost 10-20 times as much. The in-depth user manual and tutorials make navigating and utilizing the components a breeze. The app offers loads of calculator functions, a 2D graph, statistic, regression, and test functions, matrix, programming, number base-n mode, and more. Kids lose calculators all the time, but keeping track of their portable devices is second nature. This is one affordable option that is a must share.

EPIC Adventures- Kid Stories– It’s hard to put a price tag on unleashing imagination and creativity, but this new adventure storybook can do so for a mere $3.99. Havoc in a Hippo is an interactive adventure story that follows two brothers Oscar and Hugo as they embark on a strange and new journey. While the interactions are engaging, they aren’t so overwhelming as to detract from the main agenda of reading and enjoying this fanciful tale. With 6 chapters and over 55 pages, this is not your typical short and sweet interactive book. A great choice for readers just crossing the bridge into chapter books.

statmagic– The day has finally come where students taking statistics and looking for some digital assistance can say There’s an app for that! At only $0.99, statmagic is an affordable app that streamlines statistical tests and eliminates the need for repetitive calculator punching. The most common topics of an intro to statistics course are covered, and there are 11 calculators included. Individual help pages and specific example problems can be found covering the topics of descriptive stats, probabilities, minimum n, chi-squared, and more.– Promoting activism and awareness can be as easy as downloading a $0.99 app. This would be an excellent addition to a civics or government class, or a great suggestion for impassioned students looking to make a difference. The app allows users to keep track of their activism and involvement, and it also offers charts and graphs with information about issues and causes, contact information for all levels of representatives, the ability to link up with friends, and more. Great as a stand-alone piece or in conjunction with the companion website, Activism Engine.

My Custom Book– Authoring a book gives students a shareable showcase of their learning. Students put stories down on pages every day, but with My Custom Book, this publication process can go digital for only $0.99. Personal images or online content can be used for the illustrations, and the sky is the limit for the story that can unfold on the digital pages. Students can truly be the authors of their own life stories, and this resource can be used to create fiction or nonfiction texts within any curriculum.

A simple download can have a huge impact on math, language, and/or community involvement. These 5 apps that are all less than $5, with several coming in at under $1, and the options for learning are endless. Whether reading, writing, or working on problems, mathematical or societal, these newcomers to the education scene are a great addition to any app collection.