5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, November 2018 Edition (Part 2)

Affordable resources are at students’ fingertips with these latest apps for education.

Finding affordable ways to enhance learning can be as easy as a trip to the app store. Whether it’s engaging students in new ideas or sharing new tools and strategies for learning, apps offer a digital connection that can make information and learning accessible in class or on the go. These affordable finds are 5 of the newest offerings for education.

Essay Launcher– Essay Launcher is a $2.99 answer to helping reluctant or struggling writers. For those that may find difficulty in getting ideas on paper and/or properly structuring them, the prompting system in this writing assistant asks all the right questions to get ideas and information in the right place. Users are able to complete a rough draft that can be uploaded for further editing and revision. The app uses Open Dyslexic font, which is one of the many built-in components that make it a great fit for students who may struggle with a learning difference that makes writing challenging or cumbersome. A perfect tool for a variety of grade levels, this app helps teachers solidify the key components of the writing process and the importance of creating a rough draft.

Art Filters +– Whether a budding photographer or a presentation perfectionist, this $0.99 tool for enhancing photographs is well worth the money. These great photo editing capabilities can easily be done on a mobile device. The 3D LUT filters allow for complex color correction, and the 15 preset filters can turn images into art. This application could be widely used in an art or photography course, and it would also be an affordable download to add to a presentation toolkit.

Lake Hope: Ready for School– While this app covers kindergarten readiness skills, it also has the bonus of offering this practice in both English and Spanish. For only $1.99, this app could easily find its niche in a variety of places. Lake Hope would be a great way to get young learners working with the foundational skills regarding numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and more. For an introductory Spanish course, this could also be a great fit for teaching those same skills to students just diving into the language.

Yertle the Turtle– An interactive Dr. Seuss classic for only $1.99 is a must download! Students can read along with highlighted narration or explore text themselves. Vocabulary can be explored by tapping on text or pictures. There are surprises throughout the book and hidden stars that reveal fun activities. Minutes reading and pages read can even be tracked within the parent section. A fun adventure in reading at an affordable prices makes this a perfect suggestion for parents and/or a great addition to a class device library.

Memorize by Heart: Learn Texts– Curb some of that anxiety that can come with presenting or recitation by having students download Memorize by Heart. While memorization isn’t the key to learning, it can be a helpful strategy in preparing to present or committing key procedures/information to memory. This $0.99 app allows users to recite and review downloaded text until the desired result is achieved. With 142 languages offered, it is also an excellent tool to help students with speaking requirements in foreign language courses. Any text can be copied and pasted allowing the memorization techniques employed by this affordable app to be utilized and information retained.

Language and art are the big winners when it comes to new releases in apps for education this month. Whether students are learning to read, working on written composition, exploring art, or committing text to memory, the right tool for the task can be found at the app store. Our 5 Newest Ed Apps under $5 collection can be a real lifesaver when it comes to locating affordable resources for the classroom and beyond!