5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, October 2017 Edition

These 5 new apps are an affordable download away from making an impact.

Sometimes powering up a device doesn’t need to be solely for the purpose of entertainment. There are lots of developers out there creating engaging apps that bring learning into the digital world. These 5 newcomers put learning and managing its intricacies at the forefront and allow students and teachers to reap the benefits.

StoryVoice– For just $2.99, users are able to focus on the content of their story before having to deal with all the editing components. StoryVoice does some behind-the-scenes work to determine if dictated text is a sentence, question, or dialogue and punctuates it appropriately. For students that are struggling with the writing process, this app offers a way to free themselves from all the punctuation elements as they let their thoughts flow through their voiced words. Stories and text can then be exported to the cloud, email, Dropbox, etc. A great find for students that are already using dictation software and producing text with no breaks, punctuation, dialogue, etc.

Augmented Reality Solar System– Space is always an intriguing subject to study, and with this new app, an up close and personal study can happen just about anywhere. For only $0.99, this AR app lets users display the planets via any flat surface. Students can navigate the display and walk right up to any planet and take a closer look. With interesting facts and details included, this visual and informational tour of the solar system is perfect for a science unit or a space enthusiast.

Care Bears and Amigos in NYC– Language acquisition in the early years can have great benefits for young learners. This new app offers users introductory exposure to over 1,500 words in English and Spanish. With the Care Bears and Amigos as guides, students go on a variety of adventures where they learn about animals, shapes, numbers, letters, feelings, and more. They visit the zoo and the Statue of Liberty, ride on the subway, journey to Washington Heights, and round out their adventures in Care-a-Lot. With a variety of games, songs, and videos, students can toggle from English to Spanish and engage in the joys of learning. All the fun can be unlocked for just $1.99!

Dropped: Drag & Drop Clipboard– This app is a real find for iPad users. The overwhelming influx of information that students (and teachers) are asked to view, process, and file away for safe keeping can be quite daunting. With Dropped, information management couldn’t get any easier. The app is an anything and everything clipboard where users simply drag and drop or copy and paste items for safe-keeping. Photos, videos, texts, URLs, PDFs, and more can be easily stored and recalled. One would be hard-pressed to find a tangible clipboard for the low $2.99 price of this easy-to-use app.

Meal Maker Machine– Creating the best learning environment for students is a lot easier when teachers can take away some of their everyday life stressors. With all the hustle and bustle of a hectic teaching schedule, time to plan out meals and ensure all the right ingredients have been purchased can fall to the wayside. Meal Maker Machine takes away those pressures and allows users to input on-hand ingredients, select a base cooking style (e.g., stir fry, curry, soup), and prepare an easy, homemade meal. With an option to input ingredients and generate a recipe or an option to browse a large collection of easy recipes, meal prep is a breeze. Well worth the $0.99 to have an app take some of the headache out of preparing a tasty, homemade dinner!

Students and teachers can benefit from expanding their app repertories. Whether the goal is finding new ways to interact with learning or new resources to manage life inside or outside of the classroom, these newbies have it covered. At less than $5 a piece, these affordable options can make a big difference for a small price.