5 Newest Ed Apps under $5, September 2017 Edition

Powering up a device to engage students doesn’t have to mean putting a strain on a tight tech budget.

When it comes to looking for new ways to engage students in their learning whether it be in the form of content or organization, the app store is a great place to look. Applications are being added on a daily basis, and as a teacher, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the newest releases and innovations. We’ve done the searching for you, and these 5 newcomers are a real find at less than $5 each.

Calcugators- Addition– Looking for a fun way to engage students in math practice? Calcugators will immerse them in entertaining gameplay while sharpening their addition skills. This is a go-anywhere app because no internet connection is required. For only $1.99, users also have the luxury of enjoying the app without being barraged by ads. While the app focuses on addition, there are a wide variety of ways numbers get manipulated that will improve overall number sense and problem solving. Students will need to incorporate regrouping, counting on, making multiples of 10, subtraction, and more to solve the problems presented and move their alligators along the trail. With four levels of play available, this app can be beneficial for students at a variety of levels.

Perfect 36– Shooting for a perfect test score just got a whole lot easier with Perfect 36. This comprehensive prep tool allows users to delve into 20 lessons that cover every concept that is tested on the ACT. Nearly 1000 test questions are also available with this $3.99 app. The practice set questions give responses for each answer choice, so that users are able to gain an understanding of why a wrong answer was the incorrect choice. After the lessons and questions have been completed, students can try their hand at full tests in Math, English, Science, and Reading. Students can focus on a specific subject of difficulty or work on all aspects of the test as a whole. With the included vocabulary section that highlights nearly 200 of the most common words found on the ACT, this app is a great find for students looking to do their best on the test.

Daily PlanIt– Time management and organization are key skills to possess at any age. Teachers can’t go wrong by offering students a wealth of opportunities to find their niche in the organizational realm. With a variety of tools and resources to review, there is surely one that will fit each student’s needs. Daily PlanIt may just be the one! For only $0.99, this app lets users easily enter events and projects to the calendar and more importantly, prioritize them. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and lose focus. By inputting items on the calendar and including their duration for completion as opposed to just a due date, users can see how their time should be spent and get a handle on prioritizing and time management.

Pastry Pirates by Polished Play– Finding books that get young readers engaged in this fundamental skill is imperative. Finding a book that lets students become the characters may be exactly what’s needed to get kids excited about reading. Pastry Pirates is an interactive storybook where users are able to upload their own photos and become part of the tale. While the book is a great early reader, it also offers a lesson in emotions and mood. Up to 10 different photos can be uploaded that showcase emotional reactions to be had in the story. The mini games and activities that are also included for the low app price of $2.99 give users numerous opportunities to stay engaged with the text and its accompanying activities. A fun title for a classroom device or to share with families for bringing reading to life at home.

SpriteBox Coding– Having an understanding and comfort level when it comes to coding can offer so many benefits in the classroom and beyond. Coding lets students hone their skills in the areas of problem solving, attention to detail, abstract thinking, logic, etc. While some may view apps that focus on coding as games, there is so much more to this gameplay than meets the eye. The key coding concepts covered in SpriteBox are sequencing, parameters, loops, procedures, and basic Swift syntax. Users are able to explore these concepts as they set off on a journey to find the pieces of their broken rocket. With over 70 puzzles to solve, this coding gem is a steal at only $4.99.

It’s time to update the digital toolkit with some new and engaging apps. Whether students are practicing basic mathematical skills, prepping for high-stakes testing, diving into reading, tackling coding, or just finding a way to keep it all together, these 5 apps will surely strike a chord. The newest must-have downloads have a variety of concepts covered at very reasonable prices.

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