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6 Apps Educators Shouldn’t Live Without

"There's an app for that" rings true even on the educational level.

Technology at your fingertips is amazing, but it can also be overwhelming. With innumerable apps being released on a daily basis, sifting through them for a few standouts could consume every extra minute of the day. We’ happy to share with you these 6 new releases in education to save you a little time.

  1. Hack Learning
    This new and innovative app is an amazing resource for teachers. As a component of the popular and ever-growing Hack Learning Series, the app offers a great selection of podcasts, videos, and reads on a wide variety of topics that impact today’s classroom. The concepts and topics explored offer next-day transfer to the classroom and provide an immediate impact on how content and learning are viewed by both students and educators. The app and many resources are free for users with discount codes offered for in-app book purchases. A great resource for refreshing your outlook on education.
  2. Voxer
    This app lets student voices literally be heard. Rather than participating in an online chat forum with responses and ideas being typed, users are able to make voice recordings to be played by others within the assigned group. Users don’t have to participate at a set time but are able to listen to recordings from group members in the order they were received and then make their own contribution. Cult of Pedagogy offers some excellent practical applications for students and teachers (e.g., study groups, literature circles, grade level or department meetings/chats). Take off the pressure of writing and let their voices be heard.
  3. The Earth
    This app by Tinybop offers students the chance to explore the planet at their own pace. Users navigate a variety of landscapes and encounter earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other earth altering situations. Cause-and-effect relationships are introduced as earth’s layers are uncovered and regions can be altered, created, or reinvented with the touch of a finger. A captivating method of exploration for learners of all ages.
  4. Ripped Apart: A Civil War Mystery
    This interactive app from the Smithsonian puts students in the driver’s seat for a time period tour via primary sources. Players take on the persona of a museum intern investigating a variety of museum artifacts from the Civil War. As students study the evidence, they move through a game and learn about key personas and events of this historical era. As they add notes about their findings, they create the building blocks to solve the mystery.
  5. DNA Play
    This brand new app from Avokiddo is a great introduction to a complex topic. Young users create their own monsters using DNA puzzles, make mutations, and then get a chance to play and explore with their creations. This early introduction to DNA lets kids stamp their unique DNA codes, work with genes, and help their creatures evolve. Big words and concepts are found in fun dancing monsters. This language neutral game is great for ELL students and can build empathy and understanding about the differences of others for all learners.
  6. Traffic-Programming for Beginners
    Coding is a must have skill for the future, and the earlier the principles are presented, the better. This app for early learners has users following coding rules to maneuver a variety of vehicles, to operate stoplights, and to manipulate other objects while navigating a miniature world. The coding phrasing necessary is very basic, and this is a great early introduction to the concept.

Whether you’re looking for ideas and resources or searching for an interactive learning experience for students, there are a lot of tried and true options out there. Giving some newcomers a try will help you refresh your practices and enhance student engagement.

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