Technology mistakes by teachers.

6 Top Technology Mistakes Teachers Make

Make sure these common missteps don’t compromise learning in your classroom

Technology is a huge asset in a teacher’s tool bag, making research, writing, and learning a lot easier for students. But even if you’re a techno pro, you may make some simple mistakes that can compromise learning in your classroom. Below we’ve compiled six of the most common mistakes teachers make when using technology in their classroom.

  1. Sending home paper notices and newsletters instead of emails
    Do the environment a favor, and send out notices and newsletters via email; of course if a student doesn’t have email at home, send paper notices home with him. Don’t worry if you’re not that graphically inclined – there are lots of newsletter programs and parent notice templates available online, advises
  2. Forgetting some students don’t have access to a computer at home
    There are still a few households around without a computer or access to the Internet. Make sure these students have plenty of time at school for completing assignments using the classroom computer or computer lab, or arrange for computer access after school.
  3. Using apps or devices you’re not familiar with yet
    Get to know the program, app, or device that you’re planning on using in the classroom, or else you come off looking inept and disorganized. Plus it’s a waste of good classroom time while you’re fumbling around trying to learn how it works.
  4. Treating a school computer like a home computer
    “Teachers who use a school computer to run a business, edit their kid’s wedding videos, or send tasteless jokes to half of North America are being stupid,” proclaims Doug Johnson, writing for “Teachers who don’t own a personal computer for personal business deserve to get into trouble.”
  5. Not closing apps or turning off notifications on your computer
    You don’t want the students looking at your social media accounts, seeing telltale notifications, or learning what games you play to kill time. Before you screen-share with anyone, make sure your device is safe for students’ eyes.
  6. Failing to back up data
    You never know when a crash or unforeseen computer issue will take you down. Make sure all data is backed up on a second drive or online.


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