A Spotlight on 5 New Google Classroom Features

Uncovering some of the bells and whistles that Google Classroom offers allows teachers and students to gain more out of their experiences using the suite.

The Google Suite of programs for education has become an irreplaceable component for teachers at all grade levels. The ability to streamline information, work with students from anywhere in real time, and do this all for free truly can’t be beat. With a suite of programs offering 10+ apps with a wide array of features, it would be nearly impossible for teachers to stay up-to-date and in-the-know on all the capabilities that can be utilized. These 5 features within the suite may just be the game-changers that teachers and/or students didn’t even know they were missing.

Whisper– Nothing can be more disruptive than interrupting a person’s train of thought during a focused work period. Once a student has to disengage from the task at hand to enter a conversation, it can be difficult to return to the productive mode. In the same regard, a student that is off task can often cause more of a disruption with a verbal redirect. Whisper allows teachers to send pop-up messages to students who are rostered in Google Classroom. Quiet support, check-ins, and redirection are an easy and immediate click away.

Share to Classroom– Getting everyone on the same page just got a whole lot easier. With the Share to Classroom extension, teachers can push webpages directly to students and have the pages open on the students’ devices. No more lull in getting everyone to the right spot as they type out URL addresses. The push ability goes both ways, and students can also push a webpage of interest to a teacher’s computer.

App Integration- Many teachers have apps outside of the suite that make a big impact with students. Google is working with other developers to integrate third party apps with Google Classroom. The newest additions are Quizizz, Edcite, Kami, and This really packs a punch for streamlining all things education in the classroom. By following #withClassroom, teachers can stay up-to-date on the latest apps that can be integrated with Google Classroom.

Copy Comments & Suggestions– A key component of learning is collaboration. The ability to comment and make suggestions on Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets goes a long way to helping students and teachers produce their best work. Users now have the ability to copy the comments and suggestions from one document, spreadsheet, or presentation to another without losing the collaborative history. In the drop down menu, there is even the option to share the new copy with the same people.

What’s New in G Suite?– This newly launched resource allows admins to stay in the loop on new and upcoming releases. These can be glitch fixes, new features, updates, and more. If there’s a component of the suite that teachers are looking to find or an enhancement they’re hoping to see on the horizon, this is the place to go for answers.

It can often be the little things that make the lives of teachers and students alike a lot easier. Uncovering shortcuts, updates, new releases, and more for the apps and programs that are used on a daily basis can have a positive impact on learning. These 5 Google features can help users make the most of this valuable classroom resource.

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