Amp Up Creativity with These 5 Free Art Apps

Help Students Unleash Their Inner Artist and Bolster That Creative Side, All on a Budget!

Finding creative outlets for students is easier than one may think. Some fear that screen time can stifle creativity, but with the right app at their fingertips, screen time can actually enhance or develop a student’s creative side. While the true kinesthetic experience of feathering a brushstroke or shading with pastels needs to be experienced and honed, the use of these artistic mediums does not have to be exclusive to a canvas in an art room. By introducing students to art apps that allow them to explore the world of coloring, shading, form, and layering, students can experience the joys of these creative endeavors.

Many art apps can come with a hefty price-tag or an abundance of in-app purchases. With a little digging, lite versions or completely free options do exist. Having a variety of apps to share with students can allow them to explore the different styles and features available and possibly make a decision to further invest in a program that fits their artistic persona best. With focuses on drawing, sketching, and coloring, these apps offer a great starting point for artists of any age.

Autodesk Sketchbook — This free app offers users an opportunity to create up to 3 layers in their drawings, import images, and add text. Creativity can be unleashed with a pencil, pen, marker, or brush. Pieces can be organized and stored in the online gallery. A $3.99 in-app purchase can unlock the pro features, which include more brushes, up to 18 layers, a full color library, and more.

Colors! Lite — The Lite version of Colors! allows users a free trial of some of the tools and techniques available. A unique feature to this app is the ability to play back the creative process and make changes or take a new direction at any point. The playback feature also allows users to view the creative process of others by following the start to finish process of pictures shared by other artists in the online gallery.

Enchanted Forest Coloring Book for Adults — Yes, it’s the new fad for adults, but kids are lovers of coloring too. This truly free app may get a more reluctant artist to give it a whirl due to the fact that it’s touted for adults. It provides opportunities to work with color combinations and allows for some stress-free artistic time. Creations can be shared or saved to a device.

Graphite Lite: Pencil Sketching and Tracing — In this Lite version, artists can explore the light, form, and shadow associated with pencil drawings, but they are limited to working with 2 pieces at a time. Images can be uploaded for tracing or freehand drawing can be done. Users can undo to any point in their artistic process. Exported files contain a small watermark and can be saved or uploaded to various platforms.

Inspire Pro Free- Paint It. Blend It. Love It. — Lots of professional options are included with this free version of Inspire Pro. Users can work with wet or dry brushes, choose numerous customizable color options, zoom up to 6400%, and much more! Paintings can be exported to photos, directly emailed from the app, or uploaded to numerous other platforms. An excellent glimpse at the capabilities of the Inspire Pro.

Art apps offer students the opportunity to explore several artistic mediums in a digital world. Whether they’re designing for fun, completing an assignment, or devising sketched ideas to add to a mind map or outline, creating and storing artwork is at the ease of their fingertips. With these 5 affordable apps, the time for creativity can be all the time!

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