Engaging Podcasts for Tuning Students into Learning: Music Edition

While devices can often be used to listen to music, tuning into the right podcast can also result in learning through music.

Music brings people together in so many ways. Regardless of the style, music has a way of soothing the soul. While there is the pleasurable side of listening to music, there is also a lot to be learned from the study of music. Whether a music class or a musical study or exploration within a different course, finding the right podcast can really enhance the curriculum.

Much can be learned about composition, composers, and musicians as students explore the music itself and those who create it. There is also a lot to be said for exploring a variety of musical stylings to establish a personal, musical identity. Some musically-based podcasts share playlists that can be great for adding a soundtrack to the classroom, but others delve into the mysteries behind the music and musicians or simply aim to expand the musical repertoires of their listeners. In any case, podcasts dedicated to music and all the complexities found within it are a great addition to personal or classroom libraries.

Classics for Kids– This weekly podcast is an excellent resource for anything and everything to do with classical composers. Each month focuses on a different composer and has an accompanying activity sheet. Every episode also offers a quick quiz that hones in on the information shared. The website offers games and areas with resources for parents and teachers. At only six minutes per episode, time can easily be found to share this introduction to the classics.

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child– Touted as indie music for indie kids this podcast is a collection of great playlists geared towards kids and families. A perfect collection of music to add a soundtrack to a productive working environment. Teachers can also scan the lists for featured songs like States and Capitals by Macho Nacho and Mouth Trumpet or Tiny Dinosaurs by Lunch Money. As a broadcast show created by a dad and hosted by him and his two kids, this is a wonderful addition to the classroom or recommendation for family listening at home.

Song Exploder– Add a new layer to the study of music by exploring artistic inspiration and the thoughts behind particular stylings. In this podcast, artists share the inner workings of some of their popular tracks. While some episodes contain explicit content, there are a host of others that can be shared with students. From Jack Johnson to R.E.M. and Norah Jones to Metallica, there is a lot of insight to be explored in Song Exploder. These bi-weekly, 20-minute episodes let individuals or whole classes take a deeper look at a song via a first-hand account from the musicians who created it.

OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast – This long-running show shares new music that is family-friendly and just fun for listening. Each episode shares 10 new releases with some short and interesting commentary about each. A fun way to start each month with some special editions thrown in here and there for good measure. Jeff Bogle is a popular dad blogger and offers a fun monthly soundtrack to be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

The Music Box– While this podcast may be short on episodes it certainly delivers on learning. Each episode takes listeners into classrooms and out into the real world to discover what music is all about and how it’s made. Classical music really comes to life through the included curriculum and activities found on The Music Box website.

Classical Classroom– Host Dacia Clay isn’t a classical music expert, but she’s getting there! This podcast takes the “hoity toity” component out of classical music and dives into the genre by interviewing music experts. There’s even a section on the website entitled Pods with Plans that offers study guides and lesson plans for delving into specific episodes.

Whether teachers are looking for kid-friendly playlists or the inner-workings of classical music, this collection of podcasts has something for every classroom. In our Music Edition of Engaging Podcasts for Tuning Students into Learning, a new way of interacting with music comes to audible life. In the classroom, at home, or on the go, podcasts offer an easily accessible and entertaining way to enhance learning.

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