Curriculum Technology

Engaging Podcasts for Tuning Students into Learning: Science Edition

Using podcasts as learning tools allows students to audibly navigate new information and concepts.

So much of society has gone digital, and there are a lot of digital options that can be utilized for learning, for down time, or for pure entertainment. When podcasts become a part of or an extension of the curriculum, students are introduced to an engaging and uniquely, accessible way to garner new information. Podcasts combine the elements of learning and entertainment to draw listeners in and keep them coming back. When those return visits keep perpetuating the learning, it’s a solid win for students and teachers. These 10 audible finds are a great way to dive into the world of science for learners of all ages.

Brain On! Science Podcast for Kids– With over 100 episodes and counting, there are lots of topics for the choosing. Students can learn about mosquitoes, state/national parks (great for those 4th grade adventurers), electricity, gravity, and more. This listener-driven show answers burning questions and offers a wide range of sound effects and surprises to keep kids of all ages engaged.

Smash Boom Best– This new podcast takes the engaging debates that were so popular from the folks at Brain On! and offers a new landing spot to solely focus on those wacky combos. Two fun things are put together and the debate to identify which is best ensues. With facts and lessons in defending opinions at the forefront, square offs begin for Lava vs. Quicksand, Bats vs. Owls, Super Speed vs. Super Strength, and more.

The Show About Science– What better way to get students excited about science than to have them learn about it from one of their own? Nate is an elementary-aged student with a love for science. He interviews a variety of experts to really dive into topics of interest that will appeal to all kids. Genetic Code and the Physics of Christmas are just a couple of the unique topics covered by this lively and relatable host.

60-Second Science– From Scientific American, these short and engaging talks cover everything from Biology and Chemistry to Behavior & Society. The brevity of the episodes allows for a great way to hook learners into a topic or a perfect suggestion for a constructive way for students to spend a little down time.

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids– With a science journalist and a middle school teacher as the hosts, Tumble offers listeners an excellent way to discover and explore scientific topics. This one delves into how science works and is geared toward students between the ages of 6-12. Ninjas, dinosaurs, and Darwin are just a few of the engaging topics covered.

Eyes on Conservation– Wildlife, conservation, and environmental justice are at the heart of this podcast. Wild Lens usually spends time in the film and video realm, but they’ve created podcasts to extend out their avenues of sharing information. By interviewing researchers, scientists, and enthusiasts they encounter during filming, listeners are given some more in-depth coverage of over 100 conservation-oriented topics.

People Behind the Science– Experts in a wide variety of scientific fields are the interview subjects in this podcast. Listeners find out failures, successes, struggles, and the motivation that fuels today’s top scientists. Whether it’s an interest in a particular field or just an interest in how others find inspiration, this series offers 300+ interviews to get kids impassioned about science.

Science Friday– More than just a weekly science talk, this podcast offers amazing resources for teachers. With links to activities for students of all ages, the variety of subjects covered and the flexibility in time needed for completion make science accessible and easily integrated into any classroom.

Wow in the World– This NPR show expands on all the wow factor components of the world around us. The weekly episodes feature topics that hold a lot of appeal like dinosaurs, space, bots, and other gadgets. An engaging and scientific look at everyday wonders and more awaits listeners.

NASA Podcasts– For lovers or studiers of space and all the complexities of NASA, the collection of podcasts offered will not disappoint. Whether delving into Kennedy Space Center via The Rocket Ranch or journeying the solar system and beyond with Gravity, NASA has several engaging podcasts to offer.

Podcasts allow teachers to enlist another engaging way to share information with students. A podcast collection becomes a great resource for introducing topics, in-depth studies, or exploration of a plethora of educational subjects and concepts. In the classroom, at home, or on the go, podcasts offer an easily accessible and entertaining way to enhance learning.