Art apps.

Exploring Famous Art with Apps!

These 4 apps put fine art at students’ fingertips as they view and explore the works of various artists throughout history.

Bringing famous artists and their works to life in the classroom has never been easier. We’ve shared free art apps for boosting creativity (GEI: Amp up Creativity), and now we have a collection of apps for art study. A digital touchscreen can be just what students need to draw them into the works of select artists and the history behind their techniques and movements. Whether it’s a specific artist, movement, or style being studied, these 4 apps offer students a new lens to view classic works.

Monet HD — This beautiful collection of the works of Claude Monet allows users to go on a virtual gallery tour of this famous French Impressionist. Monet’s works are divided into seven categories that allow viewers to focus on paintings created in the same time period. The information found with each piece shares the title, original year (if known), tools and methods employed, size of the original, and the current owner and location where it can be found. Students can study single pieces and/or collections, note Monet’s style and techniques, and compare the evolution of the various collections. At only 99 cents, this is a bargain for the priceless study of one of the greats.

Rembrandt — The drawing, painting, and etchings of this famous artist from the Dutch Golden Age are literally at students’ fingertips to view and explore. No internet connection is required to view the largest collection of Rembrandt’s work to be found in an app. Students can marvel at the rich details, use of light and dark, and evolving techniques used by the artist throughout his lifetime. The educational videos and documentaries (internet connection required to view) included with the app are a perfect opportunity to delve deeper into the life and works of Rembrandt. The abundance of works and information found in this collection are well worth the app’s 99 cent price.

Touch Van Gogh — The troubled life and amazing works of Vincent Van Gogh are sure to capture students’ interest. With the Touch Van Gogh app, users are given a unique look at his work and techniques as they discover the hidden treasures in his paintings just as the original restorers did. The nine paintings currently featured on this award-winning app allow users to explore what is in and under the layers of paint. With a host of biographical information and research findings, students will be captivated by the layering, perspective, and techniques used by this revolutionary Post-Impressionist painter. The learning opportunities are endless with this amazing, free app.

Art Authority for iPad — Have it all in one amazing collection! Art Authority for iPad allows users to explore over 100,000 paintings and sculptures from over 1,500 artists. A virtual tour of artwork can be taken by period, artist, location, subject, etc. Information about each piece included in the collection shares the title, date, location, and other details. Art Real Size helps users understand the actual size of the piece, Art Like This allows users to access similar works to the one being viewed, and Art Near Me makes searching for artwork near a user’s current location a breeze. A great opportunity for students to explore an endless collection of art for only $9.99.

All art tells a story about its creator and its era. Let students uncover these stories and a wealth of other information about famous artists and collections. These 4 apps bring the history of art into the modern world.

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