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Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 10th Edition

Expanding the repertoire of apps to enhance learning without a need for expanding the budget.

Every teacher loves having a few tricks up the proverbial sleeve. When it comes to finding engaging resources to support the learning that is occurring in the classroom and/or students’ individual needs and interests, the app store is a great place to turn. Sometimes the best apps can be those that just help teaches manage life, so they have more energy to put into the classroom. These downloadable newcomers make a trip to the app store a whole lot easier because each one shared comes with a zero price tag attached.

EclipseGO– Nothing is timelier than the upcoming eclipse on August 21st. This event is surely a hot topic in classrooms far and wide. The app offers users information about the best time to view the eclipse and allows reminders to be programmed to ensure the phenomenon isn’t missed! Not only does the app offer information about when to view, but it also has recommendations for preparing to view the event. With additional links to resources about the eclipse, this is a must-have app that needs to be downloaded ASAP!

WHYY– Informational text resources can help students stay informed while improving their literacy skills. When students download WHYY, they are able to read and/or listen to livestream news or navigate the on-demand features to find pertinent audio and podcasts. Bringing the news to students in this digital format allows them to explore new ways to stay informed and research areas of interest. By adding an easily navigable resource for staying on top of current events and exploring informational text, teachers are fostering an interest that will hopefully keep students engaged in the world around them well beyond their years in the classroom.

3rd Grade Math- Addition, Subtraction, and More– Math practice apps are a great way to keep kids engaged with mathematical content from anywhere and at any time. While there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles to this free application, students are able to navigate through and solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems at varying levels. The app will also adapt to their ability level within each problem set. The 4th Grade Math, Multiplication, Division, and More is another new release from the company that can enhance mathematical practice in the basics and allow students to encounter new sets of practice problems.

Relaxing Sounds for Me– With the school year just starting, many teachers and students are already in need of some mindfulness and relaxation. Whether it’s the perfect blend of sounds to block out distractions or some soothing sounds for meditation and relaxation, there are a host of possibilities to be explored. Users can mix sounds to create unique designs that fit both their interests and needs. Sometimes taking a breather or discovering new ways to maintain focus can restore a needed peacefulness and allow for the recharge that is so important as a new school gets into full swing.

Kiddopia- Early Learning Adventures– This engaging app allows early learners to explore a variety of curricular avenues. Activities range from alphabet and numbers to shapes and colors. Students navigate a variety of learning experiences disguised as entertaining games. While the basics are being explored, users are also learning lots of information about planets, oceans, communities, animals, etc. There are also role playing games and ideas included, and a special feature of nursery rhymes and videos that can be accessed. While this is a subscription service, the free trial is worthy of a download to check out its merits.

MealPrepPro- Healthy Meal Plans– Part of being effective in the classroom is bringing the healthiest version of yourself to it. With this free app for healthy eating, achieving that goal is more manageable. The meal plans are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle, which is definitely applicable to those in the education field. The meal plans are designed with personal fitness goals in mind, but a second person can be entered to arrive at a plan that accommodates both. It’s easy to check off the completed meals and be one step closer to reaching and/or maintaining personal fitness goals. There is also a video mode for recipes that will make cooking a breeze!

The app store is a great place to turn for finding ways to make screen time beneficial. Selected applications can be used to improve the learning process or the general well-being of those in the learning environment. With these new apps, teachers and students can reap the benefits of a few simple downloads at a very affordable price, free!