Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 11th Edition

New apps that will have an impact on learning without having an impact on the budget.

Students of all ages gravitate toward devices for information, entertainment, and/or a quick boredom fix. What if said devices could house apps that would also bolster their learning? These new additions to the ed app scene deliver that learning component without adding a cost component.

RaiseMe: College scholarships for high schoolers– Students and parents will be thanking you for sharing this one. RaiseMe is an app that allows students to create a profile, search for colleges of their liking, and then determine ways to earn scholarships at their chosen institutions. By inputting grades, sports activities, ACT/SAT scores, volunteer hours, etc., users are able to turn their information into scholarship dollars. Once all the current accolades have been entered, students are able to explore other ways they can work toward earning more scholarship dollars. A great way to identify quality ways to spend time while banking future funds, and a perfect search engine to follow a favorite university and/or discover a new college choice that could turn out to be just the right fit.

AJ Academy: Amazing Animals– These free animal ebooks from the creators of Animal Jam and National Geographic will have kids excited about reading and learning. The 29 interactive books that are found on the app can be downloaded and accessed offline, so these engaging titles can be enjoyed anywhere. Students are able to explore the life cycles and habitats of the variety of animals shared in the collection. This is a perfect addition to discover loads of animal facts alongside the beautiful images collected by National Geographic photographers. Some of the featured animals include foxes, dolphins, hyenas, llamas, toucans, cheetahs, pigs, polar bears, and sea otters. Whether this download accompanies an animal unit or simply is offered as an engaging reading choice, it is sure to be a student favorite.

Stretching and Flexibility– Stretching and fitness aren’t just for physical education classes anymore. A healthy lifestyle is part of putting one’s best foot forward by fostering a positive mind and body connection. With this new app, stretching exercises are offered that can precede a variety of sporting endeavors or simply give a recharge. While this app would easily slide into a physical education teacher’s repertoire, it could also be an idea generator for any classroom teacher. Short breaks that get students up and moving are always an excellent way to boost attention and learning potential. Putting some short, stretching exercises together to get the blood flowing can help kids reset and move forward with renewed energy.

ASL- Learn American Sign Language– For those looking for an initial introduction and/or some practice with ASL, this app has a lot to offer. Whether a student is currently taking ASL or looking to explore it as an option, they can find a variety of categories for learning signs. Countries, Cities, Food, and Education are a few of the categories offered. Users are able to practice and learn signs to contribute to their fluency in this language that is gaining in popularity as a choice for students taking world language courses in middle and/or high school.

6th Grade Math- Middle School Math Games– Any chance to practice math skills is time well spent. With this 6th Grade Math app, it also means no money spent. Students are able to practice a wide range of problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They will employ a variety of curriculum aligned concepts that include fractions, decimals, and percentages. With self-paced and adaptive practice, this go anywhere app is a great choice for students that love working math problems and/or those students that could use some extra skill building in the mathematical realm.

When it comes to finding educational ways for students to utilize devices, a trip to the app store can do the trick. These 5 newcomers are great finds to share with individual students and/or suggest to the whole group. With no strings attached on price, they also make for a download that any budget can handle.